Saturday, June 18, 2016

An impromptu dinner at Masizzim

A handful of us had an impromptu dinner at Masizzim which is located at 313 Somerset. It is a Korean eatery place which is specializes in Korean Meat Stew and Pancakes!

Be prepared to wait if you are coming in a big group, such as we were, as no reservations are allowed. We waited for almost 35mins plus for our table for 6 pax.

We ordered 3 different types of Korean signature stew, which consisted of Spicy Chicken, Beef and Pork. Each stew ordered came with a bowl of white rice.

Three simple steps to order the meat stew:-

1) Choose the types of meat
2) Choose noodles type - glass noodles or Korean-style udon
3) Choose between soy and spicy level from level 1-4

Out of the 3 different type of meat stew we ordered, I personally like the Beef Stew best. The meat was well-marinated and slow cooked in Masizzim's secret soy sauce for long hours. The beef tenderloin was soft and the lean meat was tender too!

We ordered the popular Anchovy Rice Balls! I took over the role to prepare the rice balls.

I put on the given gloves and mixed the ingredients and moulded them into rice balls.

I love the rice balls very much as they were tasty!

The Tomato Cheese Kimchi Pancake tasted normal, and I felt it was nothing to shout about.

Although the price was slightly higher as compared to other Korean food joints, I will still come back in the future as the food was very nice, especially the Korean Anchovy Rice Balls! The damage was about SGD95.

I end my post with some gifts that I have received from Vi-Vien and Cookie, who had just came back from their vacations in Korea and Japan respectively. Love you, gals!

Thanks Vi-Vien for the facial masks and nail clipper from Korea, and of course a big hug to Cookie for getting my favorite butter biscuits from Japan!

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