Wednesday, June 8, 2016

[] JB Makan

Driving in to Johor Bahru (JB), Malaysia is what I have been doing lately. Unless I have something on during the weekends, I will head down to JB! I can maximise my spending power in Malaysia to the positive exchange rate between the SGD and MYR! 

On this recent visit, I did some shopping for groceries and daily necessities instead of my usual shopping for clothes, mainly because I had just come back from Kuala Lumpur (KL), Malaysia in early May. I'm going again in mid June to KL!

Though both JB and KL are part of Malaysia, the shopping in KL is way better than in JB. I find prices cheaper in KL as compared to JB, as the prices are slightly higher, due to shops catering to the SG consumers and their spending power/strong exchange rate.

As usual, we drove to Taman Mount Austin for lunch, and we visited a new cafe, the Green Story for desserts after our meal.

The setting of the café was quaint and neat. Free Wi-Fi was given too!

I took some random OOTDs against the bricks wall.

I ordered a Hazelnut Latte for myself while Baby had a fruit juice with a unique twist! At absolute no extra surcharge, an imprint of a selected photo was created on the top of the drink with edible foam!

We produced a photo we took at the Grand Canyon thru FB Messenger with the cafe's FB, and the photo turned out to be slight darker on the beverage as compared to the original photo. Nevertheless, it still looked decent!
There is an on-going promotion of 10% discount off the bill when checking in at the café premises via FB. We shared a piece of tiramisu cake and 2 drinks. The damage was pleasant as we only paid RM20.50 which is only SGD7.

We end our outing at JB by having a yummy dinner at Che-Go Korean BBQ Restaurant which is located at AEON Tebrau City Shopping Mall.
The interior setting of the eatery place was filled up with warm lightings, and patrons can choose their preferred seating style by choosing either from tatami styled mats or normal table and chairs. We chose the tatami style but do note that no shoes allowed for tatami seating!

I love ban chan, as they were refillable!
We ordered a BBQ Chicken Set for 2 at RM59.90 which came out to be around RM75-ish after tax with 2 cups of hot green tea. The set included 2 thick slices of marinated chicken, fried dumplings (6pcs), hot spicy tofu soup, 6 side dishes and 2 bowls of white rice.

The waiter helped us to grill the chicken meat in the hot pan, and she was pretty skilful in cooking the meat. The chicken meat tasted delicious!

I had a wonderful dinner at Che-Go, as the food was pretty decent, but most importantly, the service rendered to us was good too!

I end my post with a small gift for my lovable Coco, and these adorable pet socks were selling at RM3.50.  

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