Wednesday, June 29, 2016

[RKM EATS] Le Halo + Mookata

After a hard day at work, baby brought me for a nice Friday dinner. My Baby is the best!
Le Halo is a small, quaint café which is located at an old neighbourhood estate in Bukit Ho Swee. It is a mere 8-10 minutes walk away from Tiong Bahru Station. It is actually located right next to another popular food joint, Sin Lee Foods. Although both cafes are located side by side, the food on offer is rather different. 

Le Halo offers food that close to our hearts, many dishes stated on the menu are mainly home-cooked dishes, with items ranging from toasted bread and stews. The capacity of the cafe is pretty small, but what is unique about this place is the interior, as the place is decorated with many Singaporean Items from the 80's and 90's. Think about a favorite childhood toy or item from grandma's house, and most likely, you can find it here on display.


I especially loved the artistic drawings of the Chinese Zodiac Animal on the wall, which were shaped like toasted bread!

Baby ordered a plate of Meatball Pasta. It was simple, nothing fancy, but it still tasted pretty decent. Baby had no complaints.

I had cafe's signature dish, 'Piggy Stew' for my main course. The stew is hearty and flavorful with tender pork chunks and cubes of carrots and potatoes.

For our side dish, we shared an Otak Egg Toast, and I was surprised by the chef's creative mindset to combine Muar Otak and thick toast to create this wonderful food entrée. I enjoyed it very much, as it tasted really good! The amount of Muar Otak that the café used was reasonable, but I personally felt that dish could have been better if they added just a slightly bigger portion of Otak, It would have made this fusion food item perfect!
The damage was SGD37, and thanks Baby for the TGIF dinner treat. I enjoyed my date with you as well as our food orders at Le Halo!

To reciprocate Baby's treat, I decided to give him a dinner treat too! I brought him to Bugis Junction to have his favorite Thai Steamboat, Mookata.
We were there pretty early in order to beat the queue/crowd, and we were led into the premises upon reaching the eatery place.

To make it simple, we ordered the set for 2 (SGD34.90) which consisted of a combination of marinated chicken thighs, pork collars, bacon, pork belly, prawns, crabsticks, otak fishcakes, fishballs, meatballs, suriyaki, squids, cabbages, golden mushrooms, kang kong, tang hoon, an egg, xiao bai cai, corns and tofu. Although it sounds there is huge amount of food items, the portions were actually pretty small. If you are a big eater, then this set is NOT going to fill your stomach!
Baby ordered a bowl of white rice, and he shared about a quarter of it with me. The white rice complimented the Mookata well, as the soup was very tasty. A metal flask of this soup made with pork was placed at the table in case we required more, and as with all steamboats/mookatas, the flavour improved even more after adding in various ingredients. Lastly, note that ice water is chargeable at the restaurant!

Thai songs were played throughout our meals, and guess what? Baby actually spotted out some familiar Thai songs that were being played.
The damage was SGD43 and we will be back soon for dinner again...

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