Tuesday, June 7, 2016

[USA Travel] I love Las Vegas!

My write-up on my stay in Las Vegas continues...

Everybody knows that I love to shop, especially my Baby. From our research, we found that there are two Premium Outlets in Las Vegas. We did the South Premium Outlets on the first day, hence we decided to head down for the North Premium Outlets to give it a visit. We left our room in the morning, and made our way to the nearest RTC bus stop to take our ride. We walked along the strip, and took some random photos.

The North Premium Outlets was further away from the strip as compared to the South one. We had our brekkie at the outlet premises before we began our shopping. At the South Outlets, I was under the impression that it was a fairly large shopping outlet, but the North Outlets' size is gargantuan in comparison! There are over 100 branded shop outlets at the premises, and one would feel rather foolish to travel all the way here and not buy anything before leaving the area! Everything is SOOOOO affordable, and I honestly think shopping in the United States is the best form of Retail Therapy, EVER!

On the stop of my shopping spree, I made it a point to target American Brands firstly, and I made a beeline to the Kate Spade Outlet Store. They were having a great discount for their clearance items, with an additional 50% marked down on the clearance price as well!!
I picked up a Hanna Wellesley cross-body bag (rose gold) at USD80 and a Sawyer Street Callie wallet (rose gold) at only USD45.
Lastly. I also picked up a 'LOVE NOTE' Bangle (rose gold) at USD24.
Baby and I also did some shopping at a unique American clothing shop called Rue21 that very trendy! A lot of the clothes were designed after hip hop and R&B culture. 
Before we left, we also did some purchases at Armani Exchange, which had a really good deal going on as well. To summarize, the United States is a good place to buy branded clothes and etc, at very affordable prices. We headed back to our hotel to use the USD50 meal credits that were given to us, and we decided to utilize that at the  Café Bellagio for our lunch!

We started off with some complimentary bread which we were allowed to have as many servings as we wanted! Baby got a bottle of Boston Lager to relax, and it tasted very well.

I ordered Portobello Mushroom sandwiches with Chips while Baby had Chicken Creamy Pasta. We had a lovely lunch at Café Bellagio.

After our meal, we went to our room to catch the spectacular fountains show. With the direct view from our room, the fountain show looked simply awesome. Do check out the photos of the iconic Bellagio Fountains.

Beware of the photos galore!!

For dinner, we had a complimentary buffet at the Bellagio. Our room package included meal credits worth USD 80, which was to be used exclusively for the buffet, when we made our hotel package reservation via Booking.com! Reservations are not allowed at the buffet, so we had to squeeze with the throngs of people, and queued up for about 45 minutes for our table! However, I must stress that the buffet spread was REALLY worth the wait, and I savored every bit of it!

The amount of different cuisines and dishes was an overload on the culinary senses! There was so much variety that I had difficulty thinking on what to start on first! After a short deliberation, we set upon the fresh seafood, where snow crabs and prawns were consumed with relish.

I decided to try out the other items on offer while baby was still busy with his second plate of snow crab. I'll simplify what I had by roughly listing down what I had which was good. Note:- I had bite sized portions of each so that I could sample more items! There was (deep breath) Roast Wagyu Beef, Pizzas, Assorted Pastas, Lasagne, Salads. That was just for the European/American cuisine section! There was a Latino section, which had Fish Tacos, Rice with Beans, Tortillas, and much much more! There was even an Asian section, which Baby was delighted with as he had not had Asian food in a while. There was the usual Dim Sum, Fried Rice, Sushi and etc Asian things you would expect in an American eatery.
After our sumptuous dinner, Baby insisted we take a long walk in order to work off our meal and to digest the huge intake properly.

Our first stop was to walk over to Caesar's Palace, which was just next door to the Bellagio. Caesar's Palace is older than the Bellagio, but is just as luxurious and gives the Bellagio a run for it's money in terms of grandeur and size. Obviously from the name, Caesar's Palace is a themed hotel/resort and Casino based on the Roman Empire of antiquity.

The hotel is filled with many statues of famous Roman emperors, heroes, and mythical people. There are even replicas of famous art and statues from Florence, Italy!

Apart from the Roman Era décor, we visited the swimming pools at Caesar's Palace, and they were modelled after Ancient Roman Baths. The main pool is called the 'Garden of the Gods', and the size and splendour was dazzling. I've never seen such a luxurious pool in my life.




The next themed Hotel/Resort and Casino we decided to visit was the New York, New York! This was a very unique hotel, as it bears a theme of everything Manhattan! Within the resort, the decor was that of the New York Manhattan skyline, and many mini landmarks were created very well. Buildings such as the Empire State Building, Chrysler building, were built and used as Hotel blocks with rooms for guests to stay! 
There was even a 150 foot tall replica of the Statue of Liberty, but the main highlight had to be the INDOOR rollercoaster within the casino! Unfortunately, we were still very full from our buffet, so were forced to skip this attraction. However, Baby consoled me by saying we could always come back in future to try! Yay!

We then headed over to the MGM Grand Casino, where a nightly performance of the world famous illusionist, David Copperfield, was on show! However, it was rather late, and the show was closed for the day, hence we just roamed around and had a few bets/games in the casino.

There is a well known quote which has been passed down throughout the years, and the quote is 'What Happens In Vegas, Stays in Vegas.' I don't think this is apt, as my memories of this wonderful place will stay with me for a very very long time.

I felt a bit of regret that we didn't have enough time to visit Fremont Street, where the original Las Vegas Casinos, such as the Golden Nugget, was situated. However, Baby is very confident we will be back, so wheee! We sacrificed so much time and sleep to travel from San Francisco to Las Vegas, but it was all worthwhile.

The mega casino-hotels and neon lights that surrounded us as we walked along the strip is a real experience. The Strip is very decadent and luxurious, and you won't find anywhere else in the world as fun as this! Thank you, Vegas!
Next up, my visit to Arizona and the Antelope Canyon! My road trip experience/write up in the United States will be continued soon!

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