Saturday, October 14, 2017

[New Zealand] Mt. Ruapehu

My stay in Taupo continues...
After my brekkie in the room, we made our way to Mt. Ruapehu for some scenic sight-seeing. The drive took about an hour, but this was made up for by the splendour and amazing beauty of the mountainous landscape!
The mountain itself is like piece of art, as it revealed it's beauty when we were driving up the mountain. You could make out the snow covered cap of the mountain, and we saw a few ski-fields!
Mt. Ruapehu is the highest mountain in New Zealand's north island, and it is a large volcano surrounded by lesser craters and dormant volcanoes that makes it a remarkable and rugged landscape.
Upon reaching the premises, we purchased our tickets for the chair lifts up to Mt. Ruapehu. OMG! The view was amazing. The chair lift allowed us to view Mt.Ruapehu from a vantage point and to experience New Zealand's largest volcano up close!
The base of Mt.Ruapehu is surrounded by a thick native forest.
There are numerous walking trails in the area, and we did a small hike up along the skyline walk. We explored the volcanic terrain!
Can you spot me?
Baby had brought some chocolates and a bottle of beer for a impromptu picnic, and we sat along the rocks and enjoyed the scenery. However, pretty soon the temperature dropped tremendously as we were high up on the mountain, and we had to head into the Knoll Ridge Café to warm up! The café interior was rather modern, and they had a heater on so we sat and rest for a while. 
The Knoll Ridge Café has been selected by Design Curial Magazine as the best designed Café in the world! 

I took some photos of this breath taking view at New Zealand's highest café on Mt Ruapehu!




We left the mountain in the later noon near to evening, as we did not want to drive when night falls. We drove back to Taupo to visit and walk along the Lake, and fed the many native black swans with white bread we had purposely bought from the supermarket. This huge pack of bread only cost a dollar!

I really love the fact that Lake Taupo was formed from a huge crater! It looks magnificent indeed! I enjoyed my stay in New Zealand and especially at Taupo, as it is a beautiful retreat resort. Always remember to list Lake Taupo under your bucket list when visiting New Zealand's North Island.

Thanks for reading! I will be sharing my experience on my day trip to Napier as well as my stay in Hamilton!  

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