Tuesday, October 17, 2017

[random] JEWELUXE SINGAPORE 2017 + Mid-Autumn Festival Celebration +SILKPRO Oil Control Shampoo

The Mid-Autumn Festival has always been one of my favorite events, as I love to eat mooncakes as well as strolling in the park holding traditional candle-lit lanterns with my loved ones! Most importantly, the company that I work in considers this occasion as an important day, hence we enjoyed a half day rest/off from work!

Coincidentally, Baby was on leave that day (Mid-Autumn Festival), and he came by my office to fetch me for lunch, before heading back to his apartment to catch some sleep after our night flight from Phuket from the night before! We had zi-char fix again dinner with Auntie Vi!

After our dinner, we went to the nearby neighbourhood park to do our mini celebration. We had a nice time strolling in the park with our lit lanterns! 

While we were in the park, Auntie Vi made some Chinese tea for us to go along with the mooncakes after we were done with our mini celebration thingy. We concluded the celebration by eating the mooncakes with the Chinese tea. Thanks Auntie Vi for the lovely tea!

Lastly, Happy Mid-Autumn Festival aka Lantern/Mooncake Festival.

I received a bottle of Oil Control Shampoo by SILKPRO which enriches hair with multi vitamins and zinc. It also helps to control sebum production and reduces hair loss caused by oiliness. I am looking forward to a stronger and healthier looking hair and scalp. Thanks SILKPRO! 

I was invited to attend the Media Preview as well as the Official Opening at JEWELUXE SINGAPORE 2017 which was at TENT@Ngee Ann City! 

Each piece of jewellery at the exhibition was well-crafted and exquisite. Thanks for the invite and I had a lovely night admiring the jewellery/gems, as well as the vintage watches exhibits! 

I end my post with our RKM's dinner at Ramen Champion which is located at Changi Airport Terminal 3. I love the richness broth and chewy noodles. The damage was about SGD30-ish for 2 bowls of a ramen fix. With the MasterCard promotion, we were given a 2-hour free carpark reward at the Airport! Pretty good deal!

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