Monday, October 30, 2017

[food review] Ice Bucket at IOI City Mall, Putrajaya

On a random weekend, I met up with my Malaysia-based Blogger friend, Shirley in KL during my short weekend getaway. As usual, she picked me at Uncle Mike’s place, and from there we drove for another 30mins to IOI City Mall which is located at Putrajaya for a tasting session.
 This was my first time to the mall, hence I took the opportunity to wander around for some shopping before heading to our tasting event. Apart from doing my favorite thing, 'SHOPPING', we also refreshed ourselves with a cup of fresh juice from BOOST JUICE! Each cup cost RM14.

Thanks girl, for helping me to get the adorable Hello Sanrio Teacup, and I love it very much!

The tasting session took place at the 'Ice Bucket'. I was all ready to try out the scrumptious food laid out for us!

We started off our tasting session with an order of Blended Dragon fruit and Lemon Juice, which were served individually in a metal bucket full of ice!
The Ice Bucket is a hit in Malaysia that has captured many hearts of dessert lovers. Luxurious ice-cream was served in gigantic bucket as well, hence the name sake of the place. There are 4 different variants to choose from – Ice Chocolate Bucket, Ice Strawberry Bucket, Ice Fruit Bucket and Ice Oreo Bucket. Each bucket can be shared among 4-5 people.
I liked the Ice Oreo Bucket the best!
The restaurant staff will assist in mixing all the ingredients together before the dessert is ready to be indulged in!

Apart from the delicious ice-cream desserts, the eatery place also offers hot savory food entrees.

We tried out the Curry Chicken Noodles, and some starters to go along our tasting. We had Chicken Wings and KrissCut Cheesy Potatoes.


Thanks Shirley for inviting me to the tasting session, and I was glad to try out something new which I can’t find in Singapore.

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