Friday, October 20, 2017

Golden Autumn Celebrations at Resort World Sentosa (RWS)

Head down to the scenic waterfront at the Resorts World Sentosa, (RWS), to enjoy a spectacular viewing of beautiful lanterns that have been brought in from Chengdu! This promises to be a visually stunning treat! All guests will be treated to a host of exciting cultural performances and entertainment, authentic Sichuan street delicacies and artisanal Chinese handicrafts that have been flown in directly from Chengdu at the first ever Golden Autumn Celebrations which began on the 01st of October and will end on the 12th of November 2017.


The Golden Autumn Celebrations brings the finest heritage traditional lantern culture infused with modern lighting technology as well as the rich history of China to Singapore! Upon arrival, we were greeted by an impressive ancient palace entrance which towers at an impressive 13-metres that welcomes all visitors!

We headed straight for the stage performance, as there was a schedule 'Face Mask-Swapping' act! I've always loved to watch these performances since I was very young as I find it quite cool. The province's signature show was really an eye opening experience as I have never seen it so up close and personal, especially when the performer made the change in the blink of an eye! It left me astonished and speechless!

Apart from the face mask-swapping show, there were other performances such as acrobatics, fire-breathing puppetry, hand shadow play, long spouted Chinese teapot pouring and martial arts from the Shaolin Monks. 

God of Fortune

We moved on to theSilk Road Fantasy display, and at this zone, we saw a pair of 4 metres tall twin swan lanterns that symbolises the coming together of different cultures during this golden period. 

The marquee attraction of this festival is the spectacular 3D light show that features the latest projection mapping technology on a commanding 12-metre high giant porcelain vase installation. The show runs 4 times every hour, and each 5 minute performance depicts the endearing classic tale of Moon goddess Chang'e and her beloved Husband Hou Yi. The vibrant and colorful 3D light show showcased the iconic nature scenery of ancient china and Chang'e climactic flight to the moon on the date of August 15th of the lunar calendar! It definitely offers a memorable visual experience to mark this mid-autumn season. 

Next, we entered the Childhood Fantasy Zone, and we loved the LED swings very much! Yes, we have an inner child within ours hearts! 

Our moods were lit up by the 12 glowing Chinese Zodiac lanterns!  

Young children will get thrilled by the true-to-life size dinosaur figures which were over 6 metres high! We had fun taking photos with the larger-than-life dinosaur egg replicas! 

We walked back to the China Fantasy Zone, and we discovered that they were many eye-catching and Instagram-worthy lanterns.  

The adorable panda lanterns lined up the pathway as we made our exit. We had an enjoyable and fascinating night of visual treats! 

If you are interested to visit the Golden Autumn Celebrations, tickets are priced at SGD15 for adults, SGD12 for children, and SGD8 for Senior Citizens from Mondays to Thursdays. On Fridays to Sundays and Public Holidays, the prices are SGD18 for adults, SGD15 for children, and SGD9 for senior citizens!

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