Thursday, October 12, 2017

Lazada x Superble's Launch Event

Recently, I was introduced to Superble, an online portal which connects people on sharing genuine reviews on products they have used and rewards them for sharing their knowledge.

Superble also brings people together by sharing the same interests, and it builds a platform that revolutionises product discovery by focusing on the authentic experiences of others rather than the sponsored reviews of well-paid experts.

Healthy White is the latest multi-action mouthwash from LISTERINE, and it offers a convenient, cost-effective and natural oral care solution to achieve a desirably whiter smile in just 14 days! 

LISTERINE Healthy White is packed with breakthrough formulation and active ingredients to whiten and strengthen the teeth in a single step! Apart from the stains being lifted from one's teeth surface, it also forms a protective shield to prevent new stains from developing. You can now turn to a more cost effective and simpler alternative to dental whitening treatment. 

LISTERINE Healthy White is clinically proven to help to kill harmful bacteria that cause plaque and gum disease. Natural lemon and salt eliminates bad odor and restores lost minerals in the teeth. Lastly, the Fluoride helps to strengthen tooth enamel and to protect them against acidic food and drinks. 

LISTERINE Healthy White is now available at major supermarkets, personal health care stores and online retailers including Lazada. 

Get yours today to transform your smile and restore natural whiteness of your teeth in just 2 weeks with the all-new LISTERINE Healthy White

The Schwarzkopf Extra Care Hydro Collagen Express Repair Spray is perfectly formulated to re-balance hair moisture levels. Collagen recovers hair's elasticity to improve tangle free with easy to manage. 

I sprayed the product evenly to my hair and I did not experience any greasy feeling after application. I love the refreshing aroma lingering on my hair! I have been using it lately, and I love it so much, as it is light-weight and my hair feels healthier and softer. Thanks for the try out! 

Do check out BIOGLAN on their beauty/health supplements that come in pastille form! They tasted like jelly gummies, and was very yummy indeed! 

Thanks for the cool gadget Fidget Spinner Led from JBL. Not to forget the refreshing thirst-quenching drink from KOKOPANDA! 

Lastly, thanks Superble for inviting me to their official launch!

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