Monday, March 29, 2010

Shopping Galore in BKK

My Buys in BKK exclude garments (dresses, tops, skirts & shorts)
In total... I got myself 24pcs of garments... 1 skirt / 3 shorts / 4 dresses / 16 tops... Got one Gold Buckle Belt @ 150Baht (SGD6.50) and other ladies' best friend - Sofy Ultra-Slim with Wings... Haha got 3 packs there soooo cheap @ 49Baht (SGD2).
Instant Noodles @ 5Baht each (SGD0.25)
Chewing Gums from Fisherman's Friend @ 12Baht each (SGD0.50), Clorets & Wrigley's Doublemint @ 10Baht each (SGD0.40)
1kg of doggy treats for Coco @ 250Baht (SGD11)
Essential Hair Treatment (pink tube) @ 79Baht (SGD3.50), Essential Hair Mask @ 179Baht (SGD8) and the Pantene 3-minute Intensive Hair Treatment @ 59Baht (SGD2.50).

All shades @ 100Baht each (SGD4.50)

My SHOES loots.... Foot-wear Galore... haha
Flatties @ 199Baht (SGD9)

Kitten Heels @ 179Baht (SGD8)

Sequins Flip Flop @ 120Baht (SGD5)

100Baht (SGD4.50)

Above @ 100Baht each (SGD4.50)

My Eye-shadow loots.... haha
Black & Pink Eye-shadows...
Smokey Black Collection Eye-shadows...

This is my fave collection...

My BAGS loots.... Bags Galore... haha
@ 199Baht (SGD9)
All bags above @ 199Baht each (SGD9)
@ 250Baht (SGD11)
@ 300Baht (SGD13)

Naraya Granny Classy Purse @ 120Baht (SGD5) & Pinky Quilted Pouch @ 70Baht (SGD3)

My Shopping Desire fulfilled! Great Shopping! Love shopping in BKK to the bitz...

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