Monday, July 9, 2018

[inaugural] FIJI Water Wellness Village at Sapphire Pavilion

FIJI Water held its first Wellness Village at the Sapphire Pavilion at Siloso Beach, and I attended the FIJI Water Wellness Village with my Yogi buddy, Jasmine! We experienced doing yoga on a golden sandy beach in Sentosa.

FIJI Water provides 'Wellness at its Finest', and it helps consumers to lead a healthier lifestyle. This event, FIJI Water Wellness Village was a free entry event which allowed opportunities for passer-bye to visit and experience the village while getting acquainted with the FIJI Water brand. 

Water is the most important factor in staying healthy and keeping one’s body hydrated. Staying healthy and wellness are the core values for FIJI Water

I took many random OOTDs with the many 'Fiji' themed colorful beach-themed floats. 

We went for the first session of the sundown yoga, and we were taught some basic yoga moves. Although the movements were meant for beginners, it was still a significant challenge for me. The continuous yoga movements left me feeling exhausted and I sweated a lot during the 1-hour session. After sweating, my body felt lighter and that it had been detoxified! Most importantly, I'm sure that it helped to shed my fats away too!  

 The FIJI Water Wellness Village was anchored by two sundown yoga sessions hosted by prominent yogi and founder of The Yoga Lab, Jasmine Chong.  


The event consisted of two yoga sessions at the beachfront with the sun set against the picturesque backdrop of Sentosa’s re-owned Siloso Beach. 

Jasmine and I had a great mindful gathering at FIJI Water Wellness Village! I really enjoyed my sunset yoga with Jasmine. After a mind cleansing session, we quenched our thirst with FIJI Water. 

Thanks so much for the invite and the media drop. I had a great experience to do sundown yoga at the beach. 

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