Thursday, July 5, 2018

[food review] Taste of Georgetown at KSL City

I love trying out new eateries, especially across the causeway in Johor Bahru, Malaysia. When my JB blogger friend invited me for a food tasting session at the Taste of Georgetown on a random Saturday, I accepted it without any hesitation! The Taste of Georgetown is located at KSL City Mall, and the whole eatery place is filled up with wall murals and positive vibes from Penang. The eatery place is fairly small with an unpretentious setting, and has a simple street dining feel.


We started off with the Penang-style Chee Cheong Fun which had a good mixture of sweet and prawn paste sauce. It had a good taste of 'Penang', and I enjoyed it very much. 

I love the mildly sweet Popiah. The only downside was the skin was abit too soft for my liking, and couldn't all the ingredients properly. It crumpled rather easily upon being lifted up chopsticks. Fortunately, it was compensated by the large amount of flavorful ingredients. The popiah itself had a nice savory taste, and what I love most was the crunchy aromatic fried shallots which were added to give a better texture for the popiah! 

At the Taste of Georgetown, they serve 3 different variants of Hokkien Mee - Classic Hokkien MeeHokkien Mee with Roasted Pork and Hokkien Mee with Prawn

I loved the fragrant soup, and with the chili added to the soup, it enhanced the overall taste! 

The Lor Bak is usually served as an appetiser and I loved this dish very much. The meat was well marinated and deep fried to perfection. It had a brown crispy exterior. The Lor Bak is best eaten with a dip of chili sauce and the thick starchy 'Lor' gravy sauce! 

You can order the famous Classic White Curry Mee which also has an option for adding coagulated Pig's Blood. This is rather interesting as Singapore doesn't allow pig's blood in all F&B outlets. I love the accompanying chili paste, as it is an important ingredient which enhances the taste better, as well as giving the dish an addictive kick to it. We enjoyed the rice noodles very much. 

Assam Laksa is a signature dish of Penang which features a rich and spicy soup noodle broth of tamarind juice, chilli paste, lemongrass which is then topped off with prawn paste. I was quite disappointed as it didn't look like the one I had in Penang, whereby the whole bowl of noodles is covered by mackerel/sardine flakes, and the aroma was not strong at all, although it had a tangy, wholesome flavor from the tamarind.

The portion of the Curry Chicken with Rice was generous, and this can really fill up your hungry stomach. To me, taste-wise it was pretty normal. 

The Nasi Lemak with Fried Chicken is a staple food for both Malaysians and Singaporeans. The sambal Chili tasted very different as compared to others, and I found myself enjoying it with the white coconut rice.

How can we forget the famous dessert, Chendol  which is the staple dessert from Penang? A bowl of shaved ice filled with chewy green rice flour jelly, red beans, fresh coconut milk and a splash of Gula Melaka (brown sugar) syrup ended our tasting session at the Taste of Georgetown. 

The Taste of Georgetown may not be an exquisite Penang cuisine dining eatery, but they do well enough to attract customers due to their reasonable prices and quality of food. If you miss Penang food, you can consider this eatery place to satisfy your temporary cravings rather than to go miles to Penang by either flying or self-driving.

Lastly, thanks for having us at the tasting session, and I enjoyed the food very much. I made many JB blogger friends through this tasting event too. 

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