Thursday, July 26, 2018

Product review - JSOOP Bio-Piel Petit Ato Body Lotion + KMS Hairmazing+ Moist Diane Perfect Beauty Pop-up

I was glad that the company 'Japalang' sent me the JSOOP Bio-Piel Petit Ato Body Lotion! It helps to eliminate stubborn acne on our body.

Living in a humid country such as Singapore, one will tend to sweat a lot! If you have annoying acne that occurs on your body, especially on the back, fret not! JSOOP BioPiel Petit Ato Body Lotion is here to rectify our problems! It is the #1 Best-selling body lotion for back-acne in Korea and it has quickly become a MUST-HAVE product for anyone who is suffering from back-acne.  It has received many rave reviews, and it has quickly become a MUST-HAVE product for anyone who is suffering from back acne. 

The presence of Cypress oil extract is found in JSOOP Bio-Piel Petit Ato Body Lotion, and this ingredient has a powerful antiseptic property, as well as oil control properties that will help to relief over-active sebum glands which speed up on the healing time when the skin is inflammed. The combination of the wonders of Ceramide NP and Hyaluronic Acid also helps to protect the skin from external irritation, and to also enhance the moisture levels in our skin. This combination also helps to maintain a healthy balance of oil and water levels within one's skin, so that the skin can be healthier, and works better as an effective skin barrier. 

The Bio-Piel Petit Ato Body lotion is suitable for our climate, as we are facing summer all year round in Singapore, and it features a light-weight and soft texture that is fast-absorbing without leaving any sticky feeling after application. I love this product very much, as I felt my skin became suppler, and it helped to tame down my itchiness too! Do apply the product straight after a shower, as it helps to retain the moisturising effects better for a longer duration! I am glad that it is now available in Singapore. Looks like we have found an effective solution for 'bacne'!

Try it out for yourself today! It is available at SGD59.90 (400ml) at Sasa, Guardian and online at
Lastly, thanks Japalang for the product! I hope my review post can help you readers understand the product better! Quote of the day: SHARING IS CARING!

Meryl and I attended the KMS Hairmazing Event which was organised by KMS Singapore, and the event was held at Bugis Square. It was a pretty interesting event, as we were given the opportunity to share with the stylists that were present on our hair woes! Apart from the advice given to us, we also obtained a door gift!

 I got myself a Thermal Shape 2-in-1 Hair Spray, and I was told that it will keep my hair in shape for a longer duration after ironing with a straightener! I was pretty surprised to receive a full-sized/retail product which was worth at least SGD40.

I dropped by Bugis Junction to visit the Perfect Beauty Pop-up by Moist Diane. I was glad that I went, as i discovered which shampoo product suites me the best. At the same time, I was impressed by their new look and formulation within their products! The new and improved Moist Diane PERFECT BEAUTY comes in six customised solutions clinically tested to solve the most common hair concerns faced by Asian ladies, and that explains why 1 million bottles were sold within just 10 days of launching in Japan! 

I found my perfect beauty product from Moist Diane, EXTRA MOIST & SHINE with Organic Argan Oil x Platinum Keratin formulated. It helps to deeply moisturise and restore radiance to dry and dull hair. It is also Silicone-free, Sulphate-free, Paraben-free and Color-safe. I brought home a deluxe sample kit from the pop-up store, all thanks Moist Diane Singapore! 
Lastly, I end my post with my random lunch at PasarBella, Suntec City. I really love poke-bowls, as they taste good, yet are healthy. I ordered an Aloha Poke Bowl, and nothing beats having a nice meal with my lunch kakis! 

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