Saturday, April 25, 2015

[United States holiday] Chelsea Market + Madison Square Garden

My New York trip continues...

Baby woke up at 6am almost every morning, as there is a gym in the hotel. He would have some exercise before we started our activities for the day. As for me, I either woke up at the same time as him to get ready, or stayed in bed to get more beauty sleep, or to watch MTV. Baby normally came back by 7am. Normally, we left the hotel at the latest 830am, in order to start exploring New York.

In this post, I will bring you to Chelsea Market. We walked to the subway station (the distance was barely 5 minutes), and took the subway (ACE to 14th Street Station) for Chelsea Market.

Chelsea Market is located opposite Google office! The interior resembles our renowned Pasabella, but of course the scale and selection are bigger and wider.

Chelsea Market is a food hall and shopping mall located in Manhattan. It was once a factory that produced biscuits and cookies, but it has now became one of the city's prime tourist attractions.

Chelsea Market is a wonderful place to pop in to grab a quick snack or refreshments, and it is also a joy to sit-down and enjoy a light meal.

I enjoyed the laid back feeling of spending our leisure time on indulging in the gourmet food found in Chelsea Market.

We went Sarabeth a fast brekkie, and we shared a slice of Cheese cake and cup of hot black tea.

We left in the afternoon for Time Square again to check out Broadway's showtime schedule, and we came across a super crowded cafe, called Carlo's Bake Shop. This bakery place is also known as Carlo's Bakery or Carlo's City Hall Bake Shop. It is famous and has gained public attention due to the setting of the TLC television series, Cake Boss. 

The whole shop was crowded with people waiting in the shop, and the queue was horrendous, as the led display showing the waiting number was at 90, and our ticket number was 66! We had to wait for more than 70 people before it got to our turn to purchase the delectable cakes and pastries.

 We took-away the famous Lobster Tail and Original Cannoli. 

The Lobster Tail is a flaked puffed pastry which is shaped in, as you can guess, a lobster tail. It was filled with French cream with a touch of Bailey's Irish Cream to add its richness. It simply melts in my mouth.

A Cannoli is a traditional Italian dessert, where a crispy pastry shell is filled heavenly cream and fried perfectly to a golden brown. Baby told me that this dessert was made famous in an old movie called 'The Godfather'. 

We enjoyed the bakery classic from Carlo's Bake Shop in our hotel as we were preparing to watch the LIVE NBA Match at the Madison Square Garden later at night.

We walked there by foot which took us less than 15mins from our hotel. Baby purchased the tickets online at USD90 per seat.

In order to enter Madison Square Garden, you must have a valid ticket, pass through the security baggage check and no drinks are allowed into the arena.  

 It was a live match between the New York Knicks and Indiana Pacers, and we were here to see Paul George, the superstar from the Pacers In action!

The interior was huge and although we were sitting pretty away from the court, it was still quite visible and the players were still fairly large from where I am sitting.

 Our night ended on a sweet note as the Pacers took down the Knicks with the score being 102 vs 86.  

   It is definitely an eye-opening experience for me, as I felt so good to be at the arena rather than to watch it on television. Thanks Baby for bringing me there! 

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