Friday, April 17, 2015

[Jess Baby's space] Prima Tower Revolving Restaurant + PHS HairScience + Crème Simon

I re-visited the Prima Tower Revolving Restaurant to utilise the SGD50 food voucher that Baby got for us. I love the ambience of the restaurant mainly for the 360 degree view, as it was breath-taking!

 We started off our dim sum brunch with Lobster Tarts and BBQ Pork Pastry. Both tasted very delicious and I enjoyed them loads.  

I requested an order Yam Balls, which Baby acquiesced to, but I know he doesn't really like fried stuffs due his strict diet of watching his weight/fitness. Luckily, the balls were great, and Baby enjoyed them too.
Apart from the above, we also had Steamed Dumplings with Prawns. We also ordered a plate of Fried Noodles, which tasted pretty decent and was nothing to shout about.

We ended our meal with Steamed Sponge Cake. Due to the restaurant being pretty crowd, the staff's response was kind of slow, and we needed to request for service at times. The final damage was SGD63-ish, but after using the voucher, we only paid approximately SGD13.
Thanks Crème Simon for the surprise delivery of their 2 popular products to my place.
I was so happy to receive the Brightening Detox Dermo-Activ Floral Serum. This lovely serum is a powerful elixir that does wonders to the face. I was introduced to this lovely product last year through the Mobile Beaute at Knightsbridge, Orchard. Back then, I was given a sample size to try on.
Brightening Detox Dermo-Activ Floral Serum moistures my skin and helps my complexion to look more radiant than before.

I met up with my 'beauty' peers, Meryl and Linda to attend the Happy Scalp event together, which was held at PHS HairScience, at Wheelock Place. They were re-branded a couple years ago, and were formally known as Phyto Hair Spa/Phyto HairScience.  
There was a speech presentation and after the presentation, all attendees were ushered to do a scalp analysis in the consultation room. Unfortunately, I seem to have dry and flaky scalp, which indicates dandruff! 
We went for a hair shampoo before the trial scalp treatment. The trichologist infused the ampoule to our scalp by usage of a machine, and followed up with a short head massage to ensure the ampoule is completely absorbed by the scalp. Lastly, my hair was blown dry for the finishing look . 

 We bagged home with us 2 Hair Loss Shampoo (Hom/Fem) by PHS HairScience as our goodies bag.

 During the event, there was a Q&A session, and I was lucky to win myself a Sterling Sliver Belcher Charm Bracelet by Thomas Sabo with an additional Angel Wing Charm. Thanks so much for the generosity!
 My hair looked shinier and softer after treatment. Thanks for the invite, Elle Magazine! I look forward to the next event.  

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