Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Svenson Summer Hair Enrichment Workshop

Meryl and I attended the Svenson Summer Hair Enrichment Workshop at the MonoChrome Fusion Bistro. The interior setting of the restaurant is in Black and White.

Svenson is the leading expert in solutions for hair and scalp problems presented their 3 best-selling haircare treatments - Folligro, Micro-Transdermal Therapy (MTT) and PLGA Total Solution. These customized treatments have been proven desired results for both men and women.

Refreshing coconut drinks were served to us upon being seated.

Folligro treatment delivers a potent mix of oxygen and rich nutrients deep into the roots and stimulates greater cell regeneration and collagen production for significant results. This treatment helps to promote hair growth, and as well as de-generated old collagen in order to give way t neew and strong ones. The Folligro treatment takes about 45 minutes and is pain-free.

Micro-Transdermal Therapy (MTT) is a common treatment for male and female baldness problems, such as male front-parietal alopecia, diffused hair loss and post-pregnancy alopecia. For clients who undergo this treatment, they should avoid swimming and vigorous activities for two days, and as well as to avoid excessive heat exposure, tanning under the sun, spicy food, alcohol and going to the sauna.

Svenson's Consulting UK Trichologist, Mr Mark Birch, gave us a useful and informative talk on hair and scalp care.

Lastly, Svenson's PLGA Total Solution is a breakthrough Do-It-Yourself home treatment. It is an effective treatment for people who suffer from thinning hair. It contains herbal extract that encourages better blood circulation.

Apply daily after hair wash by using a light head massage method on the problem areas. I love this convenient home treatment!

Shampoo daily and use the appropriate shampoo for your hair and scalp type. Do avoid styling products contacting the scalp. When blow-drying, avoid direct strong heat, thus it is recommend to keep the blow-dryer in a motion.

Lastly, do practice the daily scalp care by doing the Svenson's 5-Step head massage as shown.

Apart from learning useful tips at the workshop, we were treated to 5-course dinner too.

 After the presentation, dinner was served. I enjoyed the MonoChrome Chicken Meatballs. Well-seasoned minced chicken meat is perfectly deep fried and coated with Black & White sesame seeds.

My favorite item has got to be the MonoChrome Aglio Olio, a combination of ordinary and squid ink spaghetti that were also served with prawns and mushrooms. The pasta was well coated with olive oil as the fried garlic enhanced the whole flavors of the dish.


Thanks for all the tips in taking care of scalp, I enjoyed the dinner very much. Lastly, but not least, thanks for the lovely haircare products!

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