Sunday, April 19, 2015

[tasting session] +39 Gelato Bar

 I was happy to receive an invite from Andrew, and thanks for thinking of me even though my blog has been on hiatus stagnated for the last 2 weeks due to my vacation in New York!

I attended the tasting session at +39 Gelato Bar, which is located at the vibrant Boat Quay district. The Boat Wuay district is one of Singapore’s bustling electric zone which comprises of office towers, high end restaurants, alfresco dining and lively bars, and pubs.

+39 Gelato Bar is situated along the stretch of shop-houses in Circular Road. It is a state-of-the-art gelato concept within the Asia Pacific region. +39 Gelato Bar ensures that their gelato are freshly made daily with different gelato flavors that are 100% natural. They use top notch quality and exquisite ingredients sourced both locally and from the home of gelato, Italy.

No flavorings, colorings, preservatives or chemical additives are added, and they only serve 100% healthy and delectable gelato with ultimate eating pleasures.

At +39 Gelato Bar, they use 'IdeaTre 'machine from Carpigiani, the manufacturer of world-class gelato equipment. For the very first time within the Asia Pacific region, boutique-styled gelato-making is now visible to consumers as they watch high quality ingredients being mixed and frozen right before their eyes into the smoothest, finest most delicious, supreme taste sensation that is beyond what words can describe.

We indulged ourselves with the real taste of Italian indulgence and into the world of artisanal gelato.

Friendly Gelato Coach Jacopo Quaglia and Chef Stefano Cadorin gave us a brief introduction on gelato-making.

I enjoyed the Spritz Aperol Sorbet, a nice and smoothing alcoholic cocktail!

Chef Stefano prepared dessert waffles for us, and they tasted good and crispy, although theY were slightly burnt at the side, which made the waffles taste slightly bitter during consumption.

Mango and Chocolate Gelato over the Crispy Waffle

Hazelnut and Pistachio Gelato over the Crispy Waffle (I love this combination loads!)

Lastly, the unique creation, Gelato Sandwich/Burger is now available on the menu at +39 Gelato Bar.


We ended our session with a sweet note, as we got to order our favorite choice of gelato flavors at the bar. We had Pistachio, Hazelnut and Strawberry Cinnamon.

The prices are pretty decent and the gelato is yummy too. I will definitely come back for more!
+39 Gelato Bar 
 No. 29, Circular Road, Singapore 049385
Opening hours: Mondays through Saturdays from 11am to 11pm.
For more information, visit website

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