Friday, April 24, 2015

[Ion Orchard] Muji LinenMe Fashion Show

I have been actively attending events ever since I got back from my trip. I am really sorry for rejecting events during my 2-week holiday.
Thanks Meryl for extending the invite to me, and I got the opportunity to attend Muji LinenMe Fashion Show at Ion Orchard.
There were 32 linenwear styles in total that were brought to us by Muji and I was amazed by the versatility.

Linen has the ability to absorb and release moisture and this make it a perfect garment to  during the hot summer season.

An added bonus: the material of Linen gets softer after washing, so it is durable for long-run wearing.


 I love the Spring/Summer Muji Linen Collection fashion runway though the clothes featured were more of a casual and conservative fitting, but some designs were pretty stylish too.
I enjoyed myself very much, and I received a pen and a notepad from Muji at the event.Thanks for the goodies, Muji, as well as thanks Elle Magazine to organise this exclusive event!

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