Friday, April 3, 2015

[preview screening] Kingdom at The Screening Room

'Kingdom' is an Action-Drama series about Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) which revolves around the MMA world, rife with complex characters and relationships that unfurl in surprising and deeply human ways.

Regardless of whether you are into mixed martial arts (MMA),'Kingdom' is significantly engaging on multiple levels, and of course if you are into MMA, or combat sports in general, this show is spot on for you!

Kingdom's plot focuses on a Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) gym run by retired MMA fighter Alvey Kulina (played by Frank Grillo). Alvey has two sons, the youngest is a favoured son with much ring potential named Nate (played by heartthrob Nick Jonas of the trio singing group, Jonas Brothers), and the other bad son named Jay (played by Jonathan Tucker).


Dad Alvey has bypassed their kid's teenage years, as he is trying hard to maintain financial stability with his MMA gym. He has since divorced his first wife, and has been re-married to a woman named Lisa Prince (played by Kiele Sanchez) Lisa has been with Alvey for the past two years and they fell in love while Lisa's ex-fiancé Ryan Wheeler (played by Matt Lauria), spent the past four years in prison.

Ryan admits that he caused his own problems causing himself to end up in jail, and upon seeing them as a happy couple, he remains stoic and passive on his old friends' romantic and business relationship with his ex. He was a very good fighter before going to prison for brutally assaulting his own father and he is somewhat reluctant to go back in to the MMA cage.

In the drama series, 'Kingdom', Alvey's older son Jay has an unyielding love for his drug-addicted mother, Christina (played by Joanna Going). I personally feel that Jonathan Tucker is the heart of the show, as he is absolutely amazing playing his role as a badass!
After watching 2 episodes of 'Kingdom' during the preview screening with my peers at The Screening Room,
and we really began to bond with the characters and loved the exciting drama which draws from real emotions being portrayed by the cast and storyline. Additionally, the action scenes and fight sequences were very good as well. It kept me yearning to watch the next episode! 'Kingdom' is a spectacular drama series and it is really a pity if you miss it.

Thanks RTL CBS Entertainment for the invite, and do watch its premiere on the 07 April 2015 on RTL CBS Extreme HD Channel on MIO TV 318 and Starhub TV 509.

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