Wednesday, April 15, 2015

[SG50] SG HEART MAP @ PARKS + random eats at Thai Boat Noodles

Singapore, my homeland is celebrating our 50th years of independence in August 9th 2015. To welcome the Jubilee Year, there are many activities and programs lined up to celebrate this happy occasion among the fellow Singaporean.

SG Heart Map is to relive many Singaporeans' memories such as games we played, things we did and places we been to during our childhood times.

Claressa and I joined in the celebration of SG50, SG Heart Map @ Parks, and it was held at Bishan-AMK Park, Lawn I / Lawn II.

Many Singaporeans shared their favorite haunts/places in Singapore that left a feel impression in their life.

 We saw many nostalgic displayed that we remembered in our old good days, and we immersed ourselves at the park by reliving our yester-year's memories.

Thanks Claressa for asking us along to join in this joyous occasion at SG Heart Map event!

On a random Sunday, we drove in to Bukit Indah to do some shopping/makan-ing, and we visited the Thai Boat Noodles for lunch. Boat Noodles are originated from Thailand known as Huey Tiaw Rua, and the noodles were served in really small portion. It was said to say to be for the boatmen at the river to finish the noodles in just o be mouthful without spilling over the soup or noodles when the sea was rough.  

We had Beef Soup, Chicken Soup and Chicken Dry noodles. We also ordered some sides like Chicken Balls and Beef Balls, but I prefer the Chicken Balls as they were tastier.

My favorite snack was Crispy Qiao (fried wanton skin) with sweet Thai Chilli Sauce. Beware: this dish is pretty addictive and you might be asking for more. The damage was RM18.30 (SGD7.20) with 2 cup of drinks. 

I end my post with my recent OOTD which was taken at MBS.

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