Thursday, December 18, 2014

Jingle up your own Christmas message with F&N Fruit Tree Fresh

December is a month of giving and sharing, and there is no better or simpler way to express our feelings to our loved ones than with a heartfelt message along with joyous Christmas jingle. This year, F&N Fruit Tree Fresh Christmas Jingle Box makes Christmas more special with personalised Christmas messages to our loved ones and friends!

During my teen days, I always got very happy and excited when I received Christmas cards from my classmates or friends, as they warmed my heart. Christmas cards and Jolly Christmas carols are essential elements to remind us of the wonderful holiday seasons and to let the people around you feel the warmth too.

F&N Fruit Tree Fresh Christmas Jingle Box mobile application can be download via iTunes or Google Play Store. Let's start crafting a heartfelt message for our loved ones this Christmas and create a unique jingle for them (alternatively, you can choose from the list of five classic Christmas tunes.) Tap on the glowing F&N Musical Fruit Buddies to play the tune and simultaneously record your voice message. After the Christmas song is played, the personalized message will be saved into your mobile device. Do Send these message to your loved ones via any instant messaging application.

Sending out our greetings have never more fun and easy with F&N Fruit Tree Fresh Christmas Jingle Box!

 Thanks F&N Fruit Tree Fresh for making my holidays a lovely one!

F&N Fruit Tree Fresh juices are healthy drinks that are made of 100% juice with no sugar added, and are available at leading supermarkets and hypermarkets, convenience stores and selected provision shops.

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