Thursday, December 4, 2014

Celebrate this festive seasons with MEDZS

MEDZS celebrates this year Christmas with a 'Warm Gifts from the Heart' Christmas menu. The menu boasts Christmas must-haves MEDZS Roasts, cakes/desserts and wine

Thanks Meryl for extending her invite to me to a wonderful food tasting at MEDZS @ Millenia Walk, and I got the chance to try out the Christmas order menu.

Oven Roasted Crispy Pork Knuckle with Bratwurst - which price at SGD68 (1.5KG). It comes along Roasted Roots Vegetables and Home-made Natural Gravy.
Tender and juicy meat, perfectly roasted crispy skin, Medzs special pork knuckle gives every bite a burst of satisfying flavors from the gourmet marinade.

Oven Roasted Pork Roulade with Provencal Herbs and Confit Garlic - which price at SGD68 (1.2KG). It comes along as well with Roasted Roots Vegetables and Home-made Natural Gravy.
I love the delicious roll-up pork belly with bacons and MEDZS' recipe nuts filling in the centre of the meat layers, and it was the clincher of the night for me!
Mediterranean Spice Infused Whole Turkey with Foie Gras and Chestnut Stuffing - which price at SGD118 (4KG) It comes along with Roasted Roots Vegetables, Home-made Natural Gravy and Cranberry Sauce.
The turkey is roasted to perfection, and the meat is moist. I love the flavorful foie gras that melts in the mouth.
Below are the other yummy desserts from the Christmas menu that are offered by MEDZS…

Apart from the above, there are other tasty Christmas menu offerings too! We got to try out some entrees from the ala carte menu too!

We ended our food tasting on a happy note, as we tried the newly launched MEDZS Rainbow Log Cake, SGD46.90 (1.2KG) which was also a part of MEDZS 'Warm Gifts from the Heart' Christmas menu.
MEDZS Rainbow Log Cake is a creation which was inspired by the MEDZS Signature Rainbow Cake which has been voted by 8 DAYS as the best version in town. MEDZS Rainbow Log Cake is a limited offering, and it comes with 7 layers of flavored cream: Cream Cheese, Orange Cheese, Caramel, Blueberry, Peppermint, Chocolate Chips and Almond.

I like the sponge cake, as it is light and cottony. It is topped with Chocolate Ganache and Fresh Assorted Berries. It is a stunning masterpiece of a dessert with wonderful colors that no one can ever resist! 

To have a sweet and unforgettable Christmas this year, you can order or make an enquiry at any MEDZS outlets. A delivery charge of SGD30 is applicable for each order, and alternatively you can pick up your orders at your preferred outlet.
Merry Christmas and wishing for all your dreams come true! Lastly, thanks for the invite and the kind hospitality that was rendered to us at the event, and I appreciated it very much!

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