Monday, December 8, 2014

[Friends gathering] Scoop and Strangers' Reunion

Every month, we try to have a gathering, but unfortunately everyone was super busy during October, hence we couldn't make time for a gathering. After a month of hiatus, we managed to do it in November!

In November, we went to Scoop which is located at Ann Siang Hill, it is a concept bar which offers pizzas and Thai Cuisine along with beers and cocktails.

Our main courses at Scoop!

We shared a Tom Yam Thin Crust Pizza and it tasted uber delicious.

Toast up for our lasting friendship!

In another event, check out my OOTD (assigned company tee) for a bonding outing with my fellow colleagues, as my company organized a Bowling Challenge at Orchid Country Club. I took part in the challenge, although I am crappy at bowling, an this is what I call fighting spirit. AJA AJA FIGHTING!!

Recently Samantha arranged a dinner with Jasmine, Tracy and Yours Truly, and we met up at Strangers' Reunion which is located at Kampong Bahru.

I had a wonderful time chatting with the gals and the food was yummy, especially the waffles which were amazing. Thanks so much for the lovely treat!

  Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year! Photo credits to Tracy and we took this photo at TIN office. YES! We went down to visit William and Dennis, but Dennis left before we reached. It was nice of him though, to buy us some snacks to go along with our tea which William made for us.

Thanks TIN for the kind hospitality and William gave us a box of organic Tea before we left his office. Thanks ya!

I round up my post with some sweet gifts from Linda and my mommy. Linda got me a watch from her Korea holiday and my sweetest mommy got me a black sling pouch! Thanks so much, and I appreciate very much!

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