Friday, December 5, 2014

Nothing but loot and food for Jess Baby

Baby and I visited PasarBella again, as we needed to utilise the vouchers due to the expiry date ending in December. We were afraid that we might miss or forget the date of validity. In short, we do not want to waste the vouchers as there are many things to do at PasarBella.

We went to Oceans of Seafood on a random weekend, and this eatery place is hard to miss out as it is located right beside the entrance of PasarBella.

At Oceans of Seafood, they offer an array of fresh seafood, and we decided to have some fresh raw oysters!

We ordered half a dozen of oysters which came with a glass of beer as a set, and we had Hotate and Salmon sushi(s) too.

The damage was pretty hefty as it cost SGD35-ish. Luckily, we had our vouchers to offset more than half of the amount. Thanks so much, PasarBella for the kind vouchers!

Baby's boss came back from London and got him a box of chocolate truffles from PRESTAT. It is one of the oldest chocolate shops in London which has been awarded two Royal Warrants: from Her Majesty The Queen and Her Late Majesty Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother.

I love the box packaging as it features beefeaters and the Big Ben, and this makes me feel like going back to London again soon for a holiday!

The London Gin is famed throughout the world as one of the finest spirits. Guess what? This small box of chocolate which weighs 175g cost 12GBP that is around SGD24-ish. I enjoyed the truffles as they are hand-made with the finest ingredients.

My Manager just came back from Brisbane, Australia and she got me some stuffs from Aussie. She knows that I love to wear accessories, so she got me these multi-colored bangles from Colette. Thanks ya!

Another manager from the sale team got me some cool stuff too. He got me a Bluetooth headset and this makes a perfect running buddy for me!

Apart from the cool headset, he also got me some 3D graphic sling bags. They are extremely colorful and cute and they give a special 3D cartoon effect when the photos are taken of them!

Thanks Sweetie for passing me a tube of 2B Alternative Body Cream and it was claimed to have a slimming effect. I hope it will help me to say bye bye to my stubborn and unwanted fats, and lastly, firm up my tummy and arm areas.

Recently, I picked up 2 watches from qoo10, and they were pretty cheap. I love the watches loads as they fit most of my outfits!

Lastly, I picked up some beauty loots from Sephora and of course a pair of pumps from Jelly Bunny which cost me SGD29.90.

The flagship store is at Plaza Singapura, and they celebrated their milestone by giving away the Jelly Bunny plushie to the first 300 shoppers on the opening day.


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