Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Refa Carat by MTG

ReFa CARAT is a popular beauty tool in Japan, where it is ranked top in '' and received an award for 'Best Cosmetic Beauty Equipment'. It has also featured as one of the official gifts for the Grammy Awards in 2011.
Daily treatment with roller on the surface of the skin will improve skin texture and make the appearance look suppler and firmer.  
In Japan, it is widely used on the face and neck for lymphatic drainage and also used on the body for eliminating cellulite and tightening the skin.


 I was invited to the MTG launch party, and during the launch event, there was a presentation on the products.

 One of the bloggers was invited to try out the product at the event. The speech presenters performed a LIVE demo, and we saw her skin was being lifted up within just minutes.
At the event, we indulged ourselves with delicious food, drink and Christmas candies. We had fun at the event!
 All of us bagged home with us, a Christmas pressie, and it was none other than the popular beauty tool, ReFa CARAT. I love this product very much as it offers overall good health and it doesn't hurt the skin while rolling it in a strong pressure.

ReFa CARAT replicates the kneading motion of the esthetician’s hands with powerful kneading action. It is use for the face (facial lines, cheeks, chin and neck) and upper body (arms, waist and bust). The packaging looks simple yet classy, and it comes with a silky pouch and cleaning cloth. 
I was surprised that ReFa CARAT can do miracles as I have been trying to find this type of rollers to produce noticeable results.

After using this products for almost 3 weeks, I felt that my skin around my neck is firmer. What I love most about this product is that it is platinum coated ,which makes it water-proof, so I can use it during my shower! No batteries are required as it is running on solar power to generate micro currents to improve skin conditions.

ReFa CARAT is available online at and get yourself a 10% discount e-storewide when you check-out your purchase by entering the promotion code - MTGjessie. This code is valid from now till 15 Feb 2015, so roll your way to 2015 and stay in shape always.

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