Saturday, December 6, 2014

Skechers Sundown Festival 2014

I was invited by The Influencer Network (TIN) to the biggest Asian Music Festival, Skechers Sundown Festival 2014, which was held at the Marina Promenade (F1 Pit Building).
Skechers Sundown Festival featured 11 performing artistes from all over Asia, and I was really glad to attend this grand music event with a pair of CAT 1 tickets and I called upon Tracy to join me to the event.

Our group photo before entering the premises! The door only opened at 4pm, but the concert only started around 6-ish. We were situated at the mosh pit area!

The concert began with a performance by Jeremy Teng from Singapore. He is the champion of The Ultimate Voice 2013. I heard him sing a couple of times from the television, but this was my first time hearing him LIVE! He does have nice vocals.

The next local artiste at the music festival was ShiGGA Shay, and he is a Singaporean hip hop singer, song-writer as well as a music producer. He is also known as Singapore's version of Kanye West.

ShiGGA Shay's viral music video, LIM PEH 

YAY! The next act featured Cross Gene from Korea, and they brought some of their best songs for us. I was immersed by their stylish Kpop moves! It was a privilege to hear them singing and dancing at such a near distant. OM! It was 'SEOUL' awesome. 

Thanks Samuel for the photo... HUGSSS!!

Shooting Star is probably one of my favourite songs from
Cross Gene.

Weaver from Japan is the reason why I was here at the Skechers Sundown Festival and this Japanese rock trio band ROXS!!

Weaver was formed in 2004, by 3 high schoolers in Kobe, Japan, and they made their debut in 2009. These three young men are very talented as they performed a mash-up of songs and it was splendid.

Presenting one of my favorite songs from Japanese group, Weaver, and have a pleasant viewing...

Other artistes who were there that night included Kate Tsui from Hong Kong, our all-time favorite singer, Olivia Ong and Shika Amzah from Malaysia.

It was a mind-blowing night as we were indulged ourselves with all the nice songs and wonderful performances by the popular singers performing at the Skechers Sundown Music Festival. I had a blast a night with my friends all thanks to The Influencer Network (TIN).

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