Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Standard Chartered Marathon Singapore 2014 + [Imperial Treasure] Dim Sum lunch

Baby entered himself to the full marathon (42.195KM) for Standard Chartered Marathon Singapore 2014, and it was his very first full marathon after taking part in various other shorter runs, such as the Army Half Marathon and other 10KM distances! His run flagged off at Orchard Road (beside Mandarin Orchard Singapore) and ended at the Padang. The cut-off timing was 8hrs.

I went over the Padang to support him at the finishing point, and we had been texting each other throughout his marathon, so that I could have a clear update/estimate on when he would be crossing the finishing line. Amazingly, he didn't train at all yet managed to do a reasonable 6 hours and 13 minutes to complete his full marathon. He says he will never do it again, but I'm sure he will!

I am so proud of my Baby for finishing his whole race within the time frame without much training before the race. As we made our way out from the race village, he shared with me the ups and downs of his race and how he eventually managed to find the mental fortitude to overcome, and ultimately complete his marathon! I was a bit concerned as he was limping quite a bit thereafter. We took a bus to Orchard to pick up his car. It has been eons since to take public transport in Singapore together.

Baby was obviously famished, and so he suggested having dim sum for our lunch at Imperial Treasure Steamboat Restaurant which is located at TripleOne Somerset.

We had our usual suspects, such as BBQ Pork (Char Siew) Rice Roll, Siew Mai, BBQ Pork Bun (Char Siew Bao) and Steamed Pork Spare Ribs.

I love the soy sauce of the rice roll as it gave good flavors and the soft texture of the rice roll was worth mentioning!

We shared a bowl of Boat Congee (Hong Kong's Style Congee). The texture of the porridge was good and the overall taste was delicious too. The standard of this porridge has kept constantly good after so many years. Thumbs Up!

We ordered a new entree, Yam Spring Roll. It tasted awesome, and it kept me wanting more helpings!

My all-time favorite dim sum entrée, Glutinous Rice with Chicken Meat, as good as it had always been previously, and I savored every bit of it.

Lastly, we ended our lunch with the Egg Tarts. The damage was SGD45-ish. It was my treat as a celebration for completion the race.

 On our way to Centrepoint, we saw some beautiful Christmas decorations, and 'vainpotme' decided to take some photos of the decorations as a backdrop!

I end my post with my recent loot, a tote bag from Polo Ralph. I love this roomy tote bag as it brings out a simple, yet classy feeling.

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