[product review] Grünersee Green Jeju Tangerine Vitamin C 5.5 Serum + Grünersee Tea Tree Calming 5.5 Toner

How has Phase 2 of the re-opening been for you? Are you guys heading back to the office, or are you still maintaining 'WFH'? Due to this ‘whole new world’, many of us have got used to Zoom and Webex meetings. Some people prefer to have make up on while doing presentations or meetings via such platforms, but I still prefer to ensure that my bare-face is presentable and blemish-free in front of my colleagues and bosses.

Don't you wish you could go barefaced and show off that glowing and dewy natural skin on your face? The simplest way of elevating your skincare is simply by incorporating some Vitamin C. 

For me, Vitamin C serum is the most important product that should be included in your daily skincare routine. Vitamin C is a key skincare ingredient that works very effectively. It not only brightens your skin, but is also useful in fading hyper-pigmentation as well as protecting you against harmful UV rays. It also has anti-aging properties as well!

I got a parcel from Glowyourself two weeks back, and it contained 2 skincare products from Grünersee

Grünersee Green Jeju Tangerine Vitamin C 5.5 Serum is a super-potent vitamin C serum that combats dark spots, evens skin tones, and boosts radiance.. It is also the newest line of products from Grünersee, and most of their ingredients are sourced from Jeju Island

Grünersee Green Jeju Tangerine Vitamin C 5.5 Serum offers skin brightening, hydration and skin strengthening properties. This high performance serum perks up my skin’s bright appearance while helping to even the look, tone, texture of skin and cleanses pores!

The texture of the serum is jelly-like and spreads easily over skin. It quickly sinks into your skin without leaving any tacky aftermath. This makes it feel really comfortable to use and your skin feels supple and plump after you’re done!


As I continue to use this serum daily, my skin texture seemed to be improving vastly as well. My pores looked less conspicuous and my skin looks smoother too. Now, it has become a staple in my skincare routine.

Grünersee Tea Tree Calming 5.5 Toner helps to cleanse and refines surface texture, while calming the skin to have balanced pH. It is a water formulation that is suitable for wiping off skin residues in the first step after cleansing.

It can be freshly absorbed into the skin. With tea tree extracts, it can be freshly absorbed into the skin. It also helps to protect the skin from external irritation and is effective for soothing skin. It also regulates sebum secretion and soothes bad skin condition by creating healthy skin to strengthen the skin's moisture barrier 

I normally use facial cotton pads to apply toners but I have to admit that it does contribute to some product wastage. For this toner, you can save every precious drop by using your bare hands to pat the product gently into your skin till absorption. I could totally feel my skin drinking up the toner instantaneously. I simply love it! 

You can check out Grünersee’s collection of skincare products on Shopee Store, glowyourself.sg 

If you like their products, do key in the promo code 'GLOWIG011' to enjoy an additional 5% off voucher at their Shopee Store. Happy shopping! 

This post is a collaboration with Glowyourself and Grünersee. Reviews are based on personal experiences/opinions.


I didnt have this product.

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