[welcoming phase 2 of the safe re-opening] The New Ting/East Bistro/Penang Culture

On a random weekend, we went over to Hillv2 to take-out dinner after our late afternoon run.

Our delicious take-out dinner from The New Ting, and we were given a 15% discount for our take-out order!

I had the Fish-paste Pasta (noodles), as it's not everyday one can find fish-paste noodles as a choice in any eatery! I loved the big and juicy scallops that were paired with the dish as well. It cost less than SGD15, which i felt was definitely worth the price paid!

Mum Vi cooks on alternate days of the weekends, so sometimes we take out our meals instead. Luckily during this CB period, many F&B outlets offer discounts/or have a promotion for their take-out selections!

Penang Culture is a great place where you can enjoy tasty and value-for-money Penang dishes. There is no minimum order required, so if you opt to pick up your meal from any one of their outlets you can consider doing so for your entire family or just for yourself! The pick-up is pretty convenient, and is great as an lunch option for working from home!

I ordered Penang Lor Bak, and it turned out to be ngor hiang instead. I love the savory and flavorful minced chicken meat. What surprised me was that the taste was not affected by the replacement of the meat being used! I loved the Penang Oyster Eggs. This is one of the Hawker favorites at all times! Plus, it's Halal-ceritifed! Now, there is a 20% OFF for all pick up orders when you order online, and it is only valid till June. Island-wide delivery is available at SGD5.90 too!

Mum Vi continues to cook on weekdays for us. It is a nice way of comfort from the stress of working from home. I'm always happy to have a delicious and hearty meal after i end my 'workday' at home!

3 Eggs Spinach Soup

Three Cup Chicken (三杯鸡)

Blanched vegetables topped with fried shallots and light soya Sauce.

Below is the simple recipe for Stir-Fried Turnip with Pork Belly and Carrots.


          Turnip (peel skin and slice into strips)
          Carrots (peel skin and slice into strips
Pork Belly (thinly cut)
Garlic (finely chopped)
Mushroom (thinly sliced)
Dried cuttlefish (thinly sliced)


Heat oil in the wok, and saute the dried cuttlefish and garlic together till fragrant. Add in the pork belly and sliced mushrooms.

Add turnips and carrots and stir-fry briskly while adding oyster sauce to taste. Add in water to keep turnips and carrots moist.

Continue to cook the turnips and carrots till soft and serve hot.

Finally, we have entered phase 2 of the safe re-opening, which means more restrictions have been lifted. We are kinda heading back to our old lifestyles, albeit with some limitations.

On the first weekend after entering Phase 2, we went to East Bistro for Morning Dim Sum. It is tucked away in the corner of a street which is not far from Sembawang Shopping Centre. East Bistro is a hidden gem selling Hong Kong cuisine with a wide choice of dim sum selection and zi char dishes.

We ordered the usual dim sum items, and they tasted pretty good! We will definitely come back again for more Dim Sum craving.

Lastly, I ate some macarons to welcome Phase 2 of the safe re-opening, and YES, I am heading back to office soon.... Thanks Montreux Patisserie for the sweet treat!


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