[Northwestern USA trip] Day 2 in Seattle, WA - Tanktoberfest : A Beer Tasting Event

On the second day in Seattle, we had breakfast at the Macrina Bakery & Cafe which is located at Belltown (literally below our apartment). It is one of Seattle's favorite bakeries, and it is an excellent place for the locals who are seeking a laid back atmosphere for breakfast and brunch.

The damage for our breakfast was about USD29. I really loved the Bialy Egg Sandwich with Bacon, as it tasted awesomely yummy! 

After our breakfast, we went back to the apartment’s carpark to pick up our car to start our day at Seattle! During our stay at Seattle, Baby had done some research and discovered that there was an event going on that he was excited about! Baby is quite the history buff, especially for anything military related. What happens when you combine Tanks with Beer? You get 'Tanktoberfest' - a beer tasting event but with actual live demos of tanks! Baby purchased our tickets online prior to our departure to Seattle. It was the second year of Tanktoberfest which has been held at the Flying Heritage & Combat Armor Museum. 

These wooden chips were given to us upon admission to use for our beer tasting! 

The event was MEGA FUN! There was a wide array of local and imported beer for selection, and I had to ensure Baby wouldn't get drunk... Watching the vintage tanks come to life while enjoying ice cold beer was quite the treat! 

Apart from tanks, there were various other military vehicles as well on live display. Another bonus was that the ticket to the event allowed us access to the museum as well. Naturally, we took this opportunity to explore the museum! The Flying Heritage & Combat Armor Museum has a rare private collection of WWII era aircraft, tanks, combat armor and other technologies, painstakingly restored to working condition. 

For lunch, there were various food trucks around that had come for the event, and we shared a plate of BBQ Pork Ribs for lunch, as the portion was huge! After lunch, we continued with our beer tasting session.

We left the museum, and we went for some shopping at T.J.Maxx at the nearby Everett Mall which was about 10-15 mins from the museum. I bought an off-shoulder floral blouse (USD7) and a floral dress (USD13). 

The shopping session ended our second day in Seattle. Do stay tuned for the next post on my Seattle trip! 


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