[random] Food Gem: Shan Cheng / Genki Sushi / Xin Yuan Ji

On a random weekend, we went over to Bukit Panjang Plaza for our late lunch, and we settled at an eatery place - Shan Cheng. It serves Ipoh’s famous food delicacies.  

Both Baby and I had the Authentic Ipoh Chicken Hor Fun (Soup) and we also shared a plate of 'Ipoh Golden Platter'. The platter consists of fishballs, fish cakes, fried turnips, fried beancurd skins with and without fillings. I enjoyed every item since they were freshly fried! I loved the fried turnip the best as it tasted sweet and flavorful. I am pretty sure it is not hard to find tasty Ipoh Hor Fun in Singapore but Shan Cheng provides a pretty decent alternative to catch up with friends over traditional food comfortably. Why not give it a try then!


I love home-cooked food, especially dishes such as Stewed Potatoes with Minced Meat and Steamed Mui Choy with Pork Belly. I enjoyed them very much. Thanks Mum Vi!

After 3 months of of WFH, I've finally gone back to the office on a recent Friday. With my present arrangement, it's nice to go back to the office once in a while, especially since I can catch up with my office lunch mates during lunch as well as to see other colleagues that I've not met in a while! We went to our favorite food haunt at Tan Quee Lan Street. Xin Yuan Ji serves excellent and affordable fish soup. 

I ordered the Sliced Fish Soup Bee Hoon and a plate of crispy Har cheong Gai as our sharing portion. For my drink, I picked up for ‘Mama’ which a homemade combination of sour plum and lime. 

Har cheong Gai (Prawn-paste Chicken) is a Singaporean fried chicken dish, consisting of fried chicken wings in a batter with fermented shrimp paste. Nothing beats having a nice lunch and a great chatting session with my working mates!

Baby came over to Suntec City to fetch me from my work, and we settled our dinner at Genki Sushi. We waited for about 15 minutes as the restaurant does not accept reservations. It felt like a pretty long wait though, before we got our seats. We ordered quite a few random sushi items and our orders 'rode' in on a mini Shinkansen (Bullet Train) all the way from the kitchen to the respective table by a special track. This is definitely faster than a conveyor belt! Clear the train by taking out the plates and place them on your table. Push the YELLOW BUTTON to send the train back to the kitchen!

The damage was SGD55 and I was happy to see some of my favorite types of premium sushi at an affordable price! However, if you are looking for economical Japanese sushi, Genki Sushi might be a pit pricey! For me, I love their automated delivery system, as it is a pretty interesting sight for me. I will be back in the near future.

Recently, I'm pretty active on the 'Tik Tok' app as I've been hooked on its content! Therefore, I end my post with a comic-style look which created by 'Tik Tok'


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