[Food Review] JJ Thai Cuisine + Indian Curry House

If you are an avid fan of Thai cuisine, some authentic thai food can be found right in the heart of Sembawang! JJ Thai Cuisine is located right opposite Sembawang Shopping Centre (SSC). It offers a wide selection of Thai food that will likely make you spoilt for choice. This eatery place serves pretty delicious Thai food at an affordable price!

We dropped by for dinner on a random weekend. 

We love the Homemade Thai Prawn Cake and this made it into our 'MUST-ORDER list! It was crispy on the outside and had a sweet and sour dipping sauce to accompany it. With the sauce, it enhanced the flavor of the breaded prawn cake! Best to be eaten while it’s hot!

We ordered the Seafood Tom Yum (Thick Version) which we absolutely loved! The seafood and ingredients within the soup were very generous as well and the thick soup tasted spicy. It was rounded off with a well-balanced taste of sourness!

Just four words to sum it up our dining experience - WE WILL BE BACK!

My earrings of the day! I picked up this pair from Lovisa for SGD7! I love the simple yet classy design. 

I was selected as one of the winners from the 34th Weekly Craves Draw. Thanks Xindots! I received a SGD50 tasting voucher for the Indian Curry House! To be of one the winners to receive a SGD50 food voucher, just simply download their app and upload your food reviews!

I visited the Indian Curry House for our dinner! Check out what we ordered for only SGD 50!

Indian Curry House is one of the best Indian restaurants in Singapore. They ensure only the highest quality of ingredients which not only made the food tastier and more aromatic, but also made it healthier!

I ordered Fish Masala, and it tasted flavorful. The garlic naan is fragrant and is a good vessel for the Fish Masala's gravy to be slathered on. We finished up every drop of gravy, as it was yummy in my tummy!!

We also ordered a Naan basket. Look out for the sweet chutney naan, as i felt it has a little overly sweet. I suppose that one might need to have an acquired taste in order to enjoy it! 

Tandoori chicken has its origins from the Indian Subcontinent. It's prepared by roasting chicken which has been marinated in yogurt and spices in a tandoor. A tandoor is a cylindrical clay oven. I loved the moist meat and it was well-marinated too! 

We enjoyed the Gobi Manchurian - deep fried cauliflower tossed with house special sauce very much! '

Overall, our dinner was really pretty good and it made me wonder why this place wasn't crowded. Service was acceptable and the food was excellent North Indian fare! This place is easy to locate if you are driving, but finding a parking lot is kinda challenging. 

Indian Curry House
#01-03 Sixth Avenue Centre
805 Bukit Timah Rd, Singapore 279883
Tel +65 6463 6289

I end my post with a photo with ‘Li Bai’. He is so adorable and obedient!!


Mniam. Now, i am hungry.

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