Sunday, May 2, 2010

FRED PERRY Summer 2010 Collection Book

Has eye-ed on this mook for a very long time before it arrived in Singapore Kinokuniya Bookstores... My colleague - Zam, is the PIC for the consol of our reservation for this Mook in the office... We needed 5 copies in total... She kept calling Kino - Liang Court... The staffs told her that they have no information about this mook yet and asked her to call back next week... Just on Thursday (29/Apr)... Mrs Baby msn-ed me regarding this mook.. and she told me that this mook is selling like hot cakes... I informed Zam in no time... commotion in office... as Mooks in Liang Court were all grabbed due to they are offering 20% @ Liang Court as they are celebarting their 10th Anniversary...
Finally our saviour - Gabriel aka Gabbie... went down to Taka outlet to help us to pick the mook up during office hr... He went over ard 3plus.... With my membership, which entitled us 10% off... He grabbed 2 extra copies as well for his gf... Total we grabbed 7 copies... Sorry guys! If you missed this mook.... With this Mook purchased, come along the FRED PERRY Big Tote (W470 x H310 x D115mm) The tote is very roomy... Great for shoppings and beach actitives...


I love this tote loads... As FRED PERRY is my fave brand eversince I was a Secondary student.. Last time, They used to have a small & humble boutique in Capitol Building off North Bridge Road... I got myself the haversack for my school days and I always love their polo(s) as well... I remember very clearly that their products were rather afforable, not so high-end like now... probably it was bought over by a Japanese company in Japan and FRED PERRY started to be well-known in various countries that created the awarness and make the branding famous & popular than before... Thumbs-up FRED PERRY!

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