Tuesday, June 8, 2010

ELLE - Tried & Tested

I have joined the ‘ELLE - Tried & Tested’ from Facebook lately... Gotta a reply (PM from FB) from Cheryl from ELLE regarding about being a tester for them... The trying product is - Clarins Gentle Beauty Soap With Shea Butter and Hazlenut Oil… I need to collect the item from their office – AMK (Techpoint)… Weekdays only between 9am-6pm… Due to work commitment… I am unable to fulfill the requirement… Luckily Baby offered to help me to pick it up during his lunchie hour... Thx Baby!
Baby passed the item to me when we meet for dinner after work...
The Beauty & Health writer of ELLE contacted me regarding my review... This product is suitable for all skin type… It's really my pleasure and thanks for giving me a chance to try it. Here my review go...
Maintain my skin moisture well-balance… Natural essential oils give vibrant citrus fruit smell and leave a supple & comfortable feel on the skin. Lathers quickly therefore skin regime made easily… It’s hassle-free

Added information for the readers - this beauty product that I am raving about... is Clarins First Certified Organic Gentle Beauty Soap... This is Clarins Debuts!

Thanks ELLE once again :)

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