Thursday, June 3, 2010

Shrek - The Final Chapter

Booked online for Shrek Forever After @ GV Vivo City for 1920hrs... Baby & I made our own way to venue... We enjoyed the movie to the bits... I am gonna miss Shrek...
A series of Shrek Forever After (The Final Chapter) posters
This final chapter of Shrek focused alot funny moments from Donkey and Puss... They were awesomely hilarious. The duo really bring it on!

Dreamworks did a great job with this movie. Touching with a interesting storyline.. They kinda of bring back to the roots of the first movie - Shrek... which has touched all the beings' heart... This final sequel is way better than the last 2... A perfect ending for Shrek Forever After... A well-done curtains-down to the Shrek movie...
All I can say is that this movie get my full ratings.. Worth my thumbs up... Shrek Forever After bring the final chapter of Shrek series to an end... Love the sweet & lovely ending of this final chapter.... Cherish what you already have, even you think is boring... Cos once you lost it, you will know how grateful you had them in the beginning.

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