Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Mineral Eyeshadow from Eye Rockz

I got a mail from Eye Rockz... * HAPPY ME*

My 2 mineral eyeshadows were in clear of 5g containers... packed inside a lovely mini sheer pouch... I got myself Peppermint & Sweet Lilac... Items received in excellent condition... were secured with tape... Keep mind at ease of spilling out during the mailing process...
See the texture of the fine Eye Rockz eye shadow shades....
As per the Eye Rockz webbie... Their mineral eyeshadows are preservatives free without any single traces of harmful ingredients in it... What's more is hand-made! I love them loads cos they are affordable, preservatives free, suitable even for sensitive skins, easy to glide on and bear a interesting names yet give results for the overall make-up.
For more info & details.... visit the Eye Rockz website - http://eyerockz.webs.com/

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