Thursday, October 13, 2011

Food Tasting Session - New Ubin Seafood

Thanks Huney for extending her invite to me for a food tasting session at New Ubin Seafood... I was thrilled about it as I am a seafood lover especially C-R-A-B-S!!!

Located in a very quiet industrial estate of Sim Ming Avenue... The place is desolate and pretty hard to find the eatery place... Oh wells, enjoying good food in a quiet place isn't a bad idea too..

First dish was served on our table - Pan Fried Baby Shrimps, Steamed Local Scallops and Poached Glass Prawns... Juicy natural flavour of the prawns & Scallops were well kept, amongst all I loved the Pan Fried Baby Shrimps the most as they are very addictive...

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I love the two salty egg yolk dishes - Salted Egg Squid & Salted Egg Oyster

The squids & oysters were coated well in a rich salted egg yolk sauce. Pretty unusual combination and it tasted awesome. I personally feel that the portion was pretty small...
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Old Punggol Style Mee Goreng was cooked in the Traditional Chinese-style way and it was pretty tasty.

Boss Bee Hoon might look like normal Fried Mee Hoon, but this simple dish was a special creation from the boss of the New Ubin Seafood Restaurant...With a spicy-ness to enhanced the taste of the Boss Bee Hoon.

I love the fragrant deep fried pork bits from this wonderful Hokkien Mee Special... The noodles was very chewy and gravy was great too... Thumbs up for the 'Wok hei'! 

Smoked Pork Fried Rice is one of the signature dish for New Ubin Seafood, the aroma of the smoked pork rice perked up my appetite...

Below were some interesting meaty dishes that you don't really find from other seafood restaurants...
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BBQ Pork Ribs were well-glazed and the meat was tender and juicy... I love the feeling of licking my fingers after eating one rib... The smoked duck meat was well-sliced , the juicy-ness well kept as a whole...
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Everyone knows that German Style Crispy Pork Knuckle is a delicacy from Germany... I was glad to be able to taste this wonderful dish right here at New Ubin Seafood... I love the crispy skin loads (100% collagen). Dipping the meat with the 'home-made sauce' (Red Wine Back Pepper & Thai Sauce) will enhanced the taste better.
This is a rare dish to be served in a seafood eatery place, 650gm US Ribeye Steak (M/R)... The steak was boiled to medium rare and it was served with Idaho Potato Wedges, caramelized onions and of course everyone's favourite sauce - Mustard. The beef meat simply just melted in my mouth... A gem in New Ubin Seafood, highly recommended to all steak lovers!!
The remaining beef meat was used to fry with the rice, the aroma of the beef was soaked into the fried rice... Truly a mouth watering Beef Dripping Fried Rice!!
I love this unusual yet interesting dish, Shoval Nose Ray Head that was served to us.... I am pretty amazing by the look of the steamed fish... As claimed from Lady Boss, Michelle... This is a very rare dish as these species is hard to find... There are 2 cooking methods to enjoy this rare delicacy - the tip of the head is used to steam using the HK style while the bottom of the head is used to braise with bitter gourd and black beans in a claypot.

The fish meat is very gooey soft... I finding myself addicted to this dish, once you start, you just can't stop... Hahaha!! It really whet up my appetite to the point that I can finish a whole bowl of rice...
It's crabby time!!! Butter Cream Crab has the right balance of richness from the butter cream and savour-ness at the same time from the special blended recipe from New Ubin Seafood. The crab meat is uber delicious and fresh... This dish is suitable for all ages.
Classic Chilli Crab & Deep Fried Mantou
I love the sweet & juicy crab meat that tasted divine... I can't resist myself to lick off the tasty sauce off the shell... There is one-down side about the crab gravy is that it is pretty watery which didn't really go well with the mantou(s)...
To top off our sumptuous dinner, we were served to a traditional dessert - Yam Paste (orh-nee)... Pretty nostalgic feeling to end our dinner! I love the thick coconut milk and the yam paste was not greasy at all...

Before we ended our food tasting, we took some group photos together... We enjoyed our dinner as a whole and thanks Nicholas and Michelle for their warm hospitality :)

Check out this gem @ Blk 27 Sin Ming Road.... Reservation is recommended!!

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