Sunday, October 2, 2011

GYSB Singapore : I'm Staying Sexy!

Thanks William & Alfred for the invitation to the Tiger Beer event which was organised by Asia Pacific Breweries Singapore (APB). It is located at Tuas area, and a shuttle bus was provided... We boarded the chartered bus from Boon Lay.

It was my first time visiting APB, kinda excited! APB offers a wide range of global, regional and local beer brands for the consumers... One of my favourite beer brands under APB is Erdinger... APB plays a very big role in the beer industry.

Once we arrived at APB, we were led to this 'eye-open' pub concept - Tiger Tavern

I ordered my fave drink - Erdinger from the bar without any second thought...

All the attendees mingled around with one another... Chatting happily with one another, everyone was friendly and fun-loving people. It was truly a humbling and wonderful experience.


Photo galores with some closer friends

Angie :)

Shaun :)

Ruiting :)

Shaun & William :)
Doing the 'TOAST UP' with Shaun... Kinda skeptical as we knew that our gestures were shot by William .

It's Tiger Time!

Sumptuous buffet dinner was provided to all of us...

Trio of us enjoyed our dinner with our beers. 

 GYSB Singapore had just recently launched their new campaign - I'm Staying Sexy!

Don't be a binge drinker... We should drink with responsibility. Party animals like us always drown ourselves with alcohol when we are in clubs or pubs, but in the midst of having fun, we must not forget to be responsible for our actions.

GYSB Singapore is looking for party people who knows how to hold their alcohol well while party-ing at the same time.

Your chance to win a luxurious trip to Hong Kong worth $10,000!
‎8 winners will get to bring 3 friends to enjoy the Ultimate Night Out. Survive all challenges of the night and win a trip to Hong Kong with your friends

To qualify for the Ultimate Night Out, simply share a unglam story of yourself being dead drunk and get your friends to vote for your submission at

Drink with moderation cos nothing beats fun-loving companions and great beers...

Pledging ourselves by being a responsible drinker... Toasting up everyone!

Cheers for a better tomorrow... Remember to drink with care!

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