Saturday, October 1, 2011

Korean pop-star SE7EN @ World Runway Premiere

WORLD RUNWAY is more than just a runway show as it featured LIVE music performances by Korean pop-stars – NARE and SE7EN.

While the judges were contemplating with the results... NARE, newbie singer from Korea sang us a song specially for this special day.

SE7EN heated up the crowd with his opening song ‘Digital Bounce’

I was extremely happy when he sang 'Come Back To Me'... I love this song loads!

He has been doing very well throughout Asia due to his smooth vocals, dance moves, and of course pleasant boyish look...

He did some interaction with his fans while performing on stage... OMG! I was totally so into his performance more than anything else that I almost forgot of my objective was to cover the fashion event.

With this signature pose from Se7en, he ended his appearance at World Runway Premiere... Indeed an extravaganza fashion, art and music affair.


Time for the results after Se7en's performance, the winner has been selected by the panel of judges... The champion for this World Runway Fashion Tournament goes to UK :-

Kudos to UK Team

SIMON SETTER, Hair Stylist | Leader of Team UK
BEGOÑA ALEGRIA, Make-up Artist

UK deserved to win this title, as their collections are simply amazing and every piece of garment is a masterpiece. Impressive indeed!

Stay tuned for the post-event interview with the winning team...

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