Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Press Screening - Shark Night 3D

Thanks Golden Village Pictures for inviting me to the press screening of 'Shark Night 3D'...

--- Posters of Shark Night 3D ---

'Shark Night 3D' is a 3D horror-thriller film...The movie starts out pretty good, about the same as 'Piranha 3D' but as it plods along, the plot becomes weaker and the cast did not deliver their roles well too. If I were to compare to 'Piranha 3D' then 'Piranha 3D' would be a way better movie.

This movie is rated under PG13 whereby death scenes are almost completely off-screen, all you see are victims getting pulled under the water then blood floating on the surface of the water… This movie lacks of gore and has no suspence of shark attack scenes at all. It is predictable from the start to the end.


The 3D was excellent for the underwater scenes, apart from that, it is not worth paying for 3D.

To me, 'Shark nIght 3D' is a movie just to while away time but if you are a fan of constant shark attack violence, you will be disappointed. I don’t really recommend Shark Night 3D.

I had the pleasure of watching the press screening all thanks to Golden Village Pictures. The premiere date is on the 06 October 2011.

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