Thursday, October 6, 2011

Preview screening - What’s your number?

I won a pair of tickets for What’s your number? from F*** Mag.

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What's Your Number? is a 2011 romantic comedy film

The story is about a woman named Ally Darling (starring Anna Faris), who suddenly realizes she has had a considerable number of romantic partners and never found the right one. Her fear is that she will reach a limit, after which no one will want her. In order to overcome this problem, she enlists the help of her attractive neighbour, Colin Shea (played by Chris Evans), and they track her previous dates and figure out if one of them can actually be her true love!

Anna Faris is a great comedian and she manages to do the best of whatever role she was given. She makes her character in the movie very likeable. She has outgrown the cuteness during her ‘Scary Movies’ days as she has mastered the ability to look funny and sexy at the same time...
Anna Faris & Chris Evans bring laughter to the audience and the chemistry between them is great. They make this movie worth watching.


I have a soft spot for romantic comedies because of one basic rule – they always end well... ‘What’s your number?’ seemed to have a lot of conversation with sexual references. This movie is hilarious and pretty well done as a whole. I think this movie is perfect as it has a right amount of romantic elements mixed with a fair amount of humour to keep everyone laughing throughout the movie.

I had the pleasure of watching the preview screening all thanks to F*** Mag. The premiere date is on 13 October 2011.

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