Saturday, October 8, 2011

Special screening - You are the apple of my eye

My RSVP for the special preview screening was confirmed by! 'You are the apple of my eye' has set a new film record in Taiwan's film history... 

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'You are the apple of my eye' is a Taiwanese production based on the same titled book, written and directed by the same author, Giddens Ko. The movie tells of a teenager, Ke Jing Teng (played by Ke Zhen Dong) whose life revolves around his good buddies who have a crush on a fellow student, Shen Chia Yi (starring Michelle Chen). The pair are drawn to each other each day, but due to a lack of confidence, he cannot bring himself to confess his feelings to her as he is afraid of being rejected.

Their love continues after they graduated from high school and went to two different universities till one night, a fight puts their youthful romance to a stop... Several years later, he becomes a writer and together with his group of close friends witness her walking down the aisle to become someone else's wife.


This movie contains alot of boyish humor that involves the male sex organ and I laughed throughout the whole movie. It is a simple yet wonderful story that leaves a deep impression on me... The movie reminds me of my school days and my puppy love crush who was once important and special in my life... My friends and I left the theatre with a satisfied smile on our faces... A highly recommended movie as it worth my both thumbs up. Feel young again!

I had the pleasure of watching the preview screening all thanks to The premiere date is on 10 November 2011.

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