Saturday, October 1, 2011

World Runway Tournament - Final Match

All eight countries presented five looks during the preliminary round and only four countries were shortlisted (France, Japan, Singapore & UK). The tournament continued among the remaining 4 countries by presenting their final seven looks. I was really feeling very excited to witness the collections from Japan & UK.

FRANCE - Not much difference between the collection from Round 1 and Round 2, kinda disappointed even though the collection is simple and classy and suits all levels of people...  

JAPAN - No breakthrough as compared to their previous collection, but I have to admit that I really love their oriental fusion designs.

SINGAPORE - I'm not into this collection cos I feel that the combination and matching accessories tend to look abit weird for some outfits...

UK - I was impressed with the collection... The dresses looked elegant and luxurious that I almost forgot about the SGD500 budget contest rule... OMG! All their outfits were so detailed, UK made me very impressed.

Thanks organizers for providing me with close-up and clearer photos... *Appreciate loads*

All the four collections have been showcased and its now 'cracking head time'! Jake f.R.- Founder and Director of Tokyo Girls Collection and Asia Girls Explosion were one of the judges for the World Runway Premiere.

World Runway will not only be rocking the fashion world with its unconventional presentation and indie music, it shares some love to the people and countries that are suffering from natural disasters. A portion of the World Runway profits will be donated as Fashionquake Aid to natural disaster relief activities around the world.
Stay tuned for the champion for this World Runway Fashion Tournament...

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