Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Food Review : 'Wang Lao Wu' Chicken King

I was at Leisure Park Kallang last week for a food tasting session, and now I shall share another good food haunt for Chicken Rice. 'Wang Lao Wu' Chicken King may sound pretty unfamiliar to most of us, however this household name had started their business months ago and they have already received many raves about tasty chicken rice. They are not only famous for their delicious food, their price is pretty affordable, and this gains them a steady flow regular customers from all walks of life as well as returning customers.

The founder, Dato Teo aka 'Uncle Wang' retired from his plastic packaging business a decade ago, and as he loves to keep himself busy as well as being a friendly and easy-going person, he decided to start Diamond Wang Lao Wu Group. His company has successfully opened 6 outlets consecutively within a short span of 3 months.
Mr Teo is helpful in nature, and he helps the needy senior citizens in Singapore as he offers to give out 150 FREE packets of chicken rice on every 1st and 15th day of the month. His aim to set up Diamond Wang Lao Wu Group is not just to make profit, but he wants to contribute back to the society too. His spirit of doing charity is worth our respect.
His culinary skills are worth a mention, he used his age-old recipe to prepare his savory chicken.

I tried both the roasted and the steamed (white) Chicken, and the meat is equally tender and juicy. The aroma of the chicken and the fragrance of the rice make us drool and satisfy our taste buds. I personally prefer the roasted Chicken.

The chicken rice tasted good and I enjoyed it very much.

A standard set of sauces/paste for the traditional Chicken Rice - Black Sauce, Special Chilli Sauce and lastly the Garlic Paste.

Watercress with Spare Ribs Soup and it tasted normal nothing to shout about...

The Black Chicken with Chinese Herbs Soup looked promising, as the herbal soup tasted awesome. It is a perfect tonic soup to pamper ourselves against harsh elements from the environment.

Bitter-Gourd and Carrot with Spare Ribs Soup tasted pretty decent, nothing to crow about.

The Roasted Pork and BBQ Pork (Char Siew) was pretty disappointing, as I found them too dry for my taste buds. My 2-cent opinion, serve the BBQ Pork with some BBQ gravy, and maybe it will enhance the dish as a whole.

Thai-Style Fried Beancurd tasted amazing, I savored every bit of it. The sour and spicy sauce perks my appetite, and it was pretty addictive that I can't stop myself from having more servings.

Drop by 'Wang Lao Wu' Chicken King for some unbeatable dining deals.
Address: B1-22 Leisure Park Kallang

Nearest train station: Stadium (Circle Line)

Apart from Leisure Park Kallang outlet, do check out other locations too:-

- Jalan Batu Block 4A Food Centre

- Chinatown K88 Coffee House

- 51 East Coast Road
- 125 East Coast Road

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