Saturday, October 27, 2012

[part 2] Products review from SUPERBERRY.ME

Thanks for reading!! As I mentioned in my earlier post, I received five awesome products from SUPERBERRY.ME about three weeks ago. I had covered two product reviews in my last post. ~ Click and read here ~

I am here today to continue my balanced products review from SUPERBERRY.ME

Margherita Ghel – Foaming Cleanser

Soap-free antioxidant with natural soft foam, and it revitalises the skin with gentle cleansing. It also contains Peppermint water (sterilization), Rosemary water (moisturizing), Aloe Vera (soothing and moisturizing).

It cleanses well, and my face doesn’t have any taut feeling after usage. It is quite a rare sight for my skin as I am pretty much prone to sensitive foam cleanser.

Margherita Ghel – Toner for Normal & Combination Skin

It contains Calendula extract (softness), Aloe Vera (soothing and moisturizing), Cucumber extracts (whitening and antioxidant). It hydrates and comforts the skin, and it also helps to refresh the skin at the same time.

My skin feels suppler after application and I love the scent very much.

Femme Science – Face Mask

It helps to purify, detoxify and clarify the complexion. The velvety and luscious facial mask clay bears a delightful green tea scent. It absorbs the impurities, toxins and excess oil from the face while providing a ‘super-charge’ to the complexion leaving a luminous appearance. It also helps to minimizes pores and removes clogging residue.

 Apply a generous layer of the clay mask on the face (avoiding eyes and mouth areas), and spread gently to cover the face and neck areas. Leave on for 5-10mins or until the mask drys and set then rinse off with cool water. To achieve better results, do treat your face with the luxurious clay mask twice a week.

The smell of Tea Tree is pretty strong when the masque was left on the face to dry up. My face feels refreshed after using it, and my face looks clean and clear.

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