ShareKool - Sharing Community

  ShareKool is a IT platform based on a peer-to-peer system which was developed and maintained by Egalite Marketing Pte Ltd, where individuals transact directly with other individuals on a two-sided market-place that both combines social and economics. The market-place enables one to share access for merchandise, information, services and even personal skills into one unique system.  


The more we share, the more we reduce wastage, thus lesser rubbish will accumlate and will eventually cause less harm and damages to our mother earth. Apart from that, we can also free up more precious space for the items we seldom use at home. *Motto: Why waste money buying things we rarely use ; rent it at a cheaper cost.*
Sharekool does not only promote the culture of sharing, it also encourages sharing our range of personal possessions (things rarely thought of buying or service we hardly use). It is also a marketing portal, an online market-place for clients, business partners and end consumers. 

With ShareKool, we can interact between individuals to share our goods and services together. In short, you can utilize your social influence to make money. Trade items you no longer need and alternatively get something you want from another user. Take part in special tie-up promotions and discounts. Earn points within the app and exchange for as much as SGD20,000 in cash.  
The goal is to create an environment where innovative products and services are circulated within members in the most beneficial ways. ShareKool is the 'one-stop solution' marketing idea.
Jas Jas and I attended the pre-launch of Singapore’s 1st Mobile Affiliate App, ShareKool which was held at the 3rd level of The Mint Museum of Toys.  

As a member of ShareKool, you will have the power to generate extra income with the 9 unique modules.
Sh@reAds - Read advertising and promotional emails that were sent to your account.
Sh@reVid - Watch advertising and promotional videos via your account.
Sh@reMe - Provide or take up any specialize skills, services, task or jobs.
Sh@reUse - rent out or co-share your free space or equipment.
Sh@reMart - Enjoy offers and discounts from 6 exciting categories of unique products and services:- Fashion, Kid world, gadgets, Travel, Skin Care and Food and Beverage. 
Sh@rePerks - Win great prize with lucky draws and contests. 
With all the perks and benefits shown above, why wait? Sign up as a member today at absolutely no cost.

Simply log in to and register yourself as a member in the sharing community today...
Currently, the website is still launching the app for apple users, the app will soon be ready for download at App Store in iPhones. For Android users, the app is ready to download now...
Sign up with either your Facebook account or email address...
Fill up your particulars and create an account with ShareKool, and to finalize your registration, a confirmation notification will be send to you via email for you to verify.... 
Thanks to the invite as we got to learn more about the social platform of ShareKool.
This was my first visit to Mint Museum of Toys and I was pretty impressed by the quantity of toys were displayed in the museum...

After the event, we spent some time walking around the museum and took some photos of yester-year toys. I simply love the nostalgic feeing when I came across some toys which I played or have seen before during my childhood days...

Lastly, there is only one word to describe my experience in Mint Museum of Toys and that was 'enchanted'... A feeling of nostalgia!!



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