Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Gala Premiere of Winter’s Tale

It has been a long time since I walked into a theatre to watch a movie, so recently Baby arranged an in-season movie for me and we watched Robocop. Now I am back again to the theatre (GV MAX) to attend the Gala Premiere of Winter’s Tale.

Winter's Tale is a supernatural drama film based on the 1983 novel by Mark Helprin. The movie revolves around a heart-touching tale of love, mysterious aspects of time and a battle between good and evil. 

Peter Lake (played by Colin Farrell) was abandoned as an infant by his rejected immigrant parents to America in the early 20th century. In the show, he is a middle-aged Irish Burglar who is an expert in his criminal profession. 
The white guardian horse has saved Peter time and time again from his enemy, Pearly Soames (starring Russell Crowe). He is brutal and will not stop hunting Peter till he is dead.

In 1916, Peter breaks into a mansion, and on the verge of cracking the house safe, when he hears a piano played by a red-haired charming lady, Beverly Penn (played by Jessica Brown Findlay), who is near to her death due to some terminal illness.
Peter falls in love with her at his first sight, and he loves her so much that as per the movie theme, a miracle occurs.

The first segment of the movie was rather slow paced, but luckily with Colin Farrell’s ineffable warm-hearted acting, it kept me awake in the cinema. To me, it is more like a love story and the only supernatural elements I found in the show without giving away too much spoilers, are that angels and demons exist in this world, Peter being alive for a very long time, and his fairy white horse, which is also his guardian.

 The movie had a star-studded cast, such as Jennifer Connelly who plays Virginia Gamely in the movie, William Hurt as Isaac Penn and lastly Will Smith’s role as Lucifer. I had the pleasure of watching the Gala Premiere of the Winter's Tale all thanks to Golden Village Pictures. The premiere date is on the 13 February 2014.

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