Thursday, February 20, 2014

Jess baby's random happenings

I recently received a Nuxe Nirvanesque Gift Set from Nuxe, and I was glad that Baby collected it from Beauty by Nature, Ion Orchard on my behalf.

OM!! There were so many sample packs for me to try me out and I can't wait to use them and discover the goodness. Thanks Nuxe for the gift pack!!

Anyone who has been following my blog knows that I am mad about nail wraps, which some label as nail foils. I have been purchasing them from Malaysia and Shenzhen, and finally I found a place where I can get cheap and nice nails wraps that cost me SGD1 for one set.

Scape Flea Market is selling 5 nail foils for SGD5, and there are tons of designs to choose from...

Thanks Baby for getting my favorite 5 for me...

Recently, I got myself my first pair of Lacoste LIVE canvas casual shoes which I picked up from the Lacoste Outlet Store at Changi City Point. 

The original price was SGD119, but I only paid SGD39 for this lovely pair of printed shoe-laced canvas sneakers.

Baby and I got one pair of shoes from Lacoste Outlet Store, and we were happy with our loots. we headed down to Grandma's for our dinner after we were done with our shopping. Our dinner was pretty decent, but the price was slightly at the high side, as we paid SGD50+ for local delights. Oh well, this is will be my first time and the last time dining at Grandma's then.

 I attended the Tsubaki X Senka Workshop with Kaman Baby, and it was held at the Shiseido Beauty Studio. Nice meeting you again and we shall see each other more often in the future.

I hereby end my post with our CNY celebration among the Sales Singapore Team, and we had lunch at Bibigo Singapore which is located at Suntec City.


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