Wednesday, March 11, 2015

My weekend getaway!

YAY! It’s time for our weekend getaway to Subang Jaya, Selangor to visit Uncle Mike and catch up with friends like Jeanne and Vivian.
My OOTD! #vainpotme

We used to drive up but due to the massive jam at both check-points, we decided not to do it as it is very monotonous and dreadful being stuck in long jams. Once, we came back on Sunday night and were stuck in a 2-3hrs jam just to clear customs! Therefore this time, we decided to fly and took Tiger Airways which cost us less than SGD110 per pax. We landed at KLIA2 in the morning, and it is a newly built airport. To me, it looks like a high-end shopping mall rather than an airport terminal.  
Upon reaching our place at Subang Jaya, we went out for delicious Bak Kut Teh for brekkie. We drove Uncle's Mike car to Sunway Pyramid, and the distance was just barely 10mins away.
I went to my favorite shop, Jelly Bunny to get some jelly shoes.
I simply cannot resist the wide range of design and eye-candy PVC foot-wear, so I picked up a pair of Josie Black Glitter shoes at RM69 (SGD26). 
We went to F.O.S for more buys, and I got myself 2 items (top and bottom). They cost me a total of RM68 (SGD25-ish). This is how I look when I put on them in the fitting room!

I had my afternoon tea at Fullhouse and we ordered the High Tea Set for 2 which was cost us RM60 (SGD23)
I love the setting of the café-restaurant as it warmed my heart upon entering the premises.

Our 3-tier High Tea Set came along 2 pots of tea.
We enjoyed our high-tea very much, as the savory and sweet desserts tasted awesome.


  We flew off the next day at night and I managed to get another pair of shoes from Jelly Bunny by chance at the KLIA2 airport.
I got Gisele Luxe (nude) under the premium selection, and it cost me RM99 (SGD37-ish).

I am happy with my hauls during my weekend getaway, as I only paid a total of RM236 (SGD89-ish) in total. Luckily, all meals were settled by either Baby or Uncle Mike, and last but not least, airfare was paid my Baby. #jessbabyishappy
Look out for my space here for the food gem and CNY dinner in Subang!

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