Friday, July 21, 2017

DBS Innovates - Beat the queues at Singapore’s eateries with DBS FasTrack

An hour of lunch time is fairly short and very precious for people who have a tight schedule. Lunch times in Singapore are generally a tale of bashing through crowds and queues just to grab a bite or to do a takeaway lunch just to continue their work at the work-desk. For some business associates who are rushing for meetings, the time spent queuing up for food might be annoying, especially so since they cannot afford to waste time!
Now with the DBS FasTrack app, users can skip queues at some eateries by buying your meals via DBS's mobile payment application, the new DBS FasTrack! Once notified, users can pop by to pick up the food at the eatery place.

The DBS FasTrack app enhances productivity and reduces food businesses' reliance on manpower. The Food & Beverage sector works on a cash basis mostly, and this digital business solution helps to ensure a safe payment through automation. DBS FasTrack-powered apps are available on iOS and Android, simply search for 'DBS FasTrack' to enjoy a smooth customer journey from hassle free ordering to a safe and secured payment mode. Through research, DBS FasTrack has proved to be beneficial to business by increasing more than 10% sales without the need of extra manpower. 
The DBS FasTrack app is easy to use and completely intuitive. As a DBS customer, I am happy to be introduced to new digital solutions in Singapore. Now, for the first time, we can pre-order and pay our meals in a food court using an app! I look forward to more new efficient banking ideas that will benefit our daily needs in the future!
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